Sunday, August 29, 2010

weekend o' fun!

Ya'll I had a really fun weekend with my friends James and Jessica, even though we did very little! I just enjoy getting caught up and seeing my good friends and seeing them for a long time at once. They are the last friends that have not come up to visit us in NC so it was so nice to have them here. We don't get to see our friends nearly enough because of the distance and we're so busy. James and Jessica requested a quiet weekend so that he could grade papers and we could all enjoy each other's company, so we did that exactly!

Another reason that we did very little this weekend is so that i would have a good last weekend before going to start work this week. Tomorrow I begin orientation!! It promises to be pretty boring i'm sure, but at least I'll get to get paid to sit and listen to policies and procedures! I'm taking a snack just in case i get really bored and need a pick me up. After two days of orientation with the hospital then I get to have three days in the department for orientation, that's a lot of sitting and listening. But then we start right away with on-calls and working the floors, possibly even doing education stuff, all of which is a part of my job as a chaplain.

so after a great weekend I'm looking forward to a week of getting oriented in my new job. we'll see how much fun or how boring that is, either way it will be great to get into a routine and get started! Hope you had a great weekend too, and are looking forward to something you get to do this week, even if it's not a new job!


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