Thursday, August 5, 2010


In M's box o cute clothes that i made and sent her also were three dresses. They were actually some of the easiest things to sew. I know that sounds like 'yeah right!!" but they weren't too bad. Now they were my first ones and i had a bit of issues with my machine, but for the most part it was really easy. The first two were basically tshirts that i bought at target and added a skirt to. I cut the white t-shirt so it would have more of an empire waist to the dress.

The last one was a pillowcase dress and very easy, but all from scratch!! I'm pretty impressed with my own ability. Basically though you just cute out two pieces of fabric in the shape that you need, there are patterns online.

Then I turned under the edge of the sleeves and the top, sewing a long ribbon in the casing for the top.

Then you sew the two pieces together and press and sew an even hem along the bottom.

ALL DONE!! SO easy!! The hardest part of sewing is learning to thread the machine (well and getting a sewing machine).

Hope you enjoyed looking at my projects this week. Hopefully I'll be finishing my t-shirt quilt this week and you can see the results of it.


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