Friday, April 30, 2010

Day five of Reading Week:

So i finished up my first final last night and after dinner got to work on my second one. I got a pretty good outline together before bed last night. Then i spent the night tossing and turning, mostly because i was concerned about my dr. appointment today. Everything went great. i'm not going to give the gory details, but all is good, i'm not Pregnant, but Audie did have to hold my hand! We'll see how this whole thing works out, but for now all is going well. The only thing was that the nurses and stuff figured out i was nervous and kept just reassuring me and stuff, awkward!

After the dr. appointment we went to lunch at Chipotle. I had seen an add for a Chi hair straightener on sale this weekend at Ulta. So i went over there and got one!! it was normally 149, but i got mine for 75!! it was pink too, with a thermal mat/cover thing. SO excited. I had a chi that was a hand me down from a friend and it broke about 2 years ago, and try as i might i have not had good luck with other ones!! I didn't really want to spend 100 dollars on one, so when this deal came along, i was SO excited!! The sale runs through Sunday, so go out and get you one too!! You know if you want.

Now we're back home and chilling out while i start to fill in my outline from last night to be a great paper!! Let the bribing with Sex and the City episodes begin!!

hope you have a great friday! tomorrow morning we have to get our lease signed!! though we're a bit disappointed that because of a glitch we won't have power tomorrow, which is sad because i really wanted to vacuum. But we can take good photos and hopefully show off our new place!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

done with one

One final is finished and printing out as we speak, or i write!! feels so good to cross one thing off my list of things to do! I hope to get a good outline and sources together for the next 10 page one tonight so that i can carry on this streak of good writing through tomorrow and saturday!!

Wish me good luck please!!

lots of love



so i finally hit my stride and am working on my finals!! i now have 6 out of 10 pages on my first one and a good outline to get me to the end of it. I'm finishing this one today!! I won't be sleeping until it is done, but if i keep going at this rate i'm bound to be done before dinner even, which means i can spend the evening working out an outline for the next 10 pager!! then hopefully i will have that one done by Sunday morning. I'm taking the first one in to turn in on friday afternoon after my dr. appointment. and then i'll be spending the rest of the afternoon/evening writing that second 10 page paper.

Saturday morning will be all about the new apartment, we're going over to sign our lease, look it over for stuff that needs fixing, and moving in some small things after cleaning the whole thing down. I'm so excited and ready to be there for real, though we won't be done moving in until the 22nd. not fun! Saturday afternoon/night i'm not going to bed until the second final is done!! then Sunday-Tuesday are going to be all that 3rd final!! hopefully i'll be done in time for the 5pm on wednesday deadline.

I did have a dream last night that i was in a car crash and tried to use that as an excuse for why my finals weren't done. But it didn't work out well in the dream so i'll not try that!

I've also begun bribing myself with Sex and the City episodes, for every paragraph/main point i finish writing i get to watch an episode. I did this over spring break only with harry potter chapters. I had to step up my game for sure because this is like torture finishing these finals!!

But now i'm finally on my way to finishing them, starting them was way harder than actually doing them, i should know that by now, but its something i always talk myself into that i can finish them in less time than it actually takes

ok sorry this is all i have to talk about, but literally it is my whole world right now!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I realized i was so excited about my new robes yesterday that i didn't update you on my thoughts about DWTS this week. Since we went to the Sr. Banquet on monday i DVR'd it and watch the dancing show yesterday morning. I thought everyone did pretty good. You can tell that the good folks are left because the lowest score anyone got was a 21. They are all going to have to step it up if they want to win. I still love Erin and Evan so much!! and I think Niecy is doing so good too, but so funny.

The results: I was glad that Jake went home, bless his heart but i think most viewers didn't like him. He has like no personality and he was so cute and sweet when he was a contestant on the Bachelor show, but when he was the bachelor i didn't like him at all. He's just so goofy and fake feeling. I think maybe that's why he and Vienna get along. Well that's all in the past and we do not have to see him on DWTS anymore, which makes me pretty happy!

So i guess we'll see what happens next week! i've got to go back to working on my finals and stuff, not fun!! i just need some bottled motivation to get this stuff done so i can enjoy being finished with school!!

Ok enjoy your Wednesday, i have exactly one week to write these 3 finals!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Robes!!

I got my preaching robes today!! You know i ordered them FOREVER ago!!! ANd they finally came in. Which is good because i'm wearing the black one for graduation and that is only a few weeks away!! So i took a few pictures, I think i look totally weird, just because i've never worn a robe before and it's strange to think of myself preaching in one. I'll get more comfortable in them i'm sure. What do you think???

Sorry for the messy room/bad background and the fact that i was in my pajamas underneath, probably won't be doing that in the pulpit, haha! But then again it is reading week and my only tasks are to get these three finals FINISHED!! (by the way didn't get a good start on them again today, might still be working a bit tonight) Here is my Alb:

So i'm liking the way both of them look the only thing that makes me think the alb looks a bit strange is the neck, the neck in the black one is a lot closer in, which i like the look of a lot better!! I also got a deacon stole for free because my total was so much, and i didn't take a photo of me wearing it because technically i can't wear it until i'm ordained, which won't be for the next year or so. but it looks good too, and it fits pretty good, though i'm not going to tempt fate by taking a pic of it!!

Let me know what you think for real, should i get the neckline looked at on the white alb?


reading week

One thing that is different from my college experience to grad school experience is the difference between having a reading DAY and a reading week!! Reading day i never saw as an opportunity to do work, but as a day to enjoy off before getting into finals. Reading week in grad school is the time when i have to basically finish everything because there isn't time to finish stuff just during reading week!!

Yesterday i started out pretty good, i finished 2 of 3 blog postings for my class, i have just one left and then i'll be working on my finals. I'm trying to finish stuff in the order that they are due, but ahead of time so that i'm not stressing out at the last minute. Last night the Div. school had the Senior banquet. It was amazing food with good friends! then we all went out for a drink or two with some folks at a bar downtown. SO much fun to relax a bit and enjoy our time together before all things with finals and moving get crazy.

We also started planning our yard sale a bit. We set the date and place, which is a big step in the right direction, and we're going to have at least 4 couples that are selling a whole bunch of stuff, and maybe we'll make some money by selling the stuff that we don't need anymore. We're doing it the weekend of May 29th! woo hoo! So you guys in NC put it on your calenders so that we can sell you our stuff!! It's going to be pretty fun i'm thinking. And we're not hosting which means most of the work won't me on me!!

So i've procrastinated working on my school stuff all morning so far and i should probably get on it!

ugh, not fun, but in a week it will be ALL over!!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

picture of our new guest room!!

I tried to take a photo of our new stuff!! I was too excited to get stuff on the futon and all set up!! So i took a photo with my phone and here we are!!

What do you think??


weekend of relaxation

So i have 3 finals between me and graduation, the first two (10 page papers) are due a week from tomorrow. The other one (30 page paper) is due a week from Wednesday. I also have to write 3 one page blog entries for my class by friday. Did i work on any of that this weekend?? NOPE!! I have tried to just relax a bit and get ready to work on this stuff this coming week. I no longer have school to go to, just school work to get done, so i'm hoping to work on the blog posts tonight/tomorrow and then Tuesday get going on the two 10 pagers and then hopefully plan out the 30 pager by Friday. I have a dr. appointment on Friday and then Saturday we have to sign our lease at the new place, we're also going ahead and cleaning the apartment and moving in some stuff that we hardly ever use (i.e. christmas decorations, camping equipment, nice china, etc.) so i will begin writing those 30 pages as soon as i can on Sunday or Monday, all hoping to have it emailed in by Wed. at 5!!

Friday night we went out to celebrate Audie's new job and then we watched Avatar, it was pretty good. Not my favorite movie by far, but it could have been a lot worse for sure. Yesterday i did basically nothing, we even ordered pizza for dinner because i was not cooking. today we went to Home Goods hoping to find a new guest bedroom bed set. In our new apartment we have a full guest bath and since we'd be getting a new shower curtain and stuff for the bathroom, i thought this would be a good opportunity to get new bedding and curtains for our guest room/ office. It was hard to find something cheap enough to warrant getting rid of our current stuff, but cute enough to satisfy me, and not too girly to satisfy audie. We found NOTHING at HomeGoods that fit into that small window!! Everything they had was almost pastel, and not in our style at all!! So we went to Target. We looked at EVERY bedding set/Comforter/ duvet cover that they had! FINALLY we found this. We really only needed a comforter with sheets and curtains because technically we have a futon in our guest room for now, but i wanted something that would work later when we have an actual queen bed in our quest room. We also picked up two panels of Maroon/Red curtains for the window in the guest room, Navy sheets and a maroon shower curtain. I wanted to get new towels, but Audie was kind of done after the time it took us to find one we liked. So i figured i could look at what we had at home and then get some another day if i needed to. But when i got home I realized that we had some dark green bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes that we got when we got married but couldn't return for whatever reason. They match great! SO grand total was 22 for the quilt (on sale from 89), 15 for the curtains, 20 for the shower curtain and 20 for the sheets! I'm really happy with the result and happy that we got it all in place before our guests descend on us the weekend of graduation!!

ALSO we'll be having a yard sale shortly after we move so i'm going to be able to sell the curtains/comforter and sheets that we just replaced, so maybe we'll get a small amount for them and take our grand total down some. either way i'm so happy to have something that will last us for a while, because what was there before was what I had from my college dorm room, and we had been just waiting for a good excuse to replace it. Well that day has come and i'm so happy!!!

So that was our weekend so far! i know it wasn't too exciting to you guys, but i had a great time doing nothing!!

here's to having a week of working on homework so that i can have just as uneventful of a summer!!!


Friday, April 23, 2010

New Job

Audie got a new job today! he had interviewed for the Assistant
manager's job at work a few days ago and we just found out that he got
it! that means a pay raise and more responsibility and hopefully less
working on Saturdays! I'm so proud of him and i'm so gla i have a
husband that loves his job enough to go out and work everyday, so that
i could go to school full time and not have to work. That has been
such a blessing, and while that means we have more student loans that
maybe we would if i had worked it has totally made my life easier!

Also i'm blogging right now from babysitting because my charge H. is
napping. She's 3 and hardly ever naps anymore but we played at the
playground for almost 2 hours after lunch today. She did so well! She
is a quite a shy child sometimes and i think it's hard for her to play
with new kids on the playground, but we saw a friend of hers at
Chicfila and he came out and played with her. I think since she
already knew him it made her more confident with the other kids too.
Last time we were there around a month ago she tried really hard to
get up to the highest level of the playground to get to the big slide,
but got freaked out and came back down. I was really encouraging her
to keep trying because i could see that she could do it if she would
just keep going, but i didn't want to push her too hard. So today on
our way to lunch she said that she wanted to try again, but that she
might not be able to, and i just said that if you try you might be
able to, and if you can't it's ok too, but you kind of have to keep
trying until you can do something.

When we got there she tried once right away and got up one big step
with my help, giving her a boost, but then she really didn't want to
go any higher. So she came back down did great playing with the other
kids and her friend. Well eventually her friend and his parents left
and but she kept on playing with the other kids! it was so great, and
i was so proud of her for making new friends! well then, all of a
sudden (i was talking a bit to one of the moms) she comes out of the
big slide. She came running over and was like "Ms. Julia i tried and I
did it!!" it was the sweetest thing ever, and i was SO proud of her
for trying again all on her own and for doing it all alone. Then she
just kept climbing on up and up and sliding down all on her own, it
was great!

So several people in the world are making big leaps and accomplishing
alot today! I hope you accomplished something that you have never
done today too!!


Camp Love Story

So Kelly's Korner is doing show us your life today and she's 'McLinky'ing people who will tell their stories of how they met their spouse. I love telling our love story so I'm participating! Even though i'm sure most of you know this story, maybe a new reader will come on over and read too. But really i think that God was so much in charge of our meeting and story that i always love to share about how God works in ways that sometimes we least expect it, and actually when Audie and I stopped looking for someone to spend our lives with is exactly when God decided to introduce us.

So approaching the summer after my junior year of college (about 4 years ago actually) i was all set to go back home for the summer and work as a youth intern at a church that i had worked at the summer before. I drove home after finals, my car full of stuff from my dorm room. When i got home my mom told me that she had gotten a call from the church and that the position i was suppose to fill, was no longer available. So suddenly i had to figure out what i wanted to do that summer. so i started calling and emailing everyone i knew pretty much to see if they had any job available 'cause i was suddenly without something to do! One of the people that i called was my friend Hannah and she was working at a camp for the summer and she said that they did still need summer counselors. She decided to talk to her boss and his boss and see if they could find a time to call for an interview. The next day i got a phone interview and they said that they did want me to come and work at the camp for the summer. So of course the first question i had was when should i come up there, and they told me that new counselor training started the next day at noon, and if i could get there by then then great and if not to get there as soon as i could. WOAH! talk about moving fast, my mom and i stopped everything and tried to pack for a summer of working at camp, but had really no idea what i was getting into. Little did i know that Audie was Hannah's boss that summer and was on the phone for that interview. I met him the next day as i checked in for new counselor training.

Little did i know that Audie wasn't supposed to be at camp that summer either. He had worked at camp for 6 previous summers but had not worked there for 2 years. He was living at home with his parents and working full time but felt a calling to go back to camp for the summer. He really couldn't figure out why that was, but talked to his parents about it. They really discouraged him to go, why would he give up a full time job for a summer at camp, with only a small possibility that he'd get a job after the summer was over. He decided to come to camp anyway. We met and he knew immediately why he was there, and i did too.

So that's how we met, we went on our first date over the mini camp break we had in the middle of the summer. The next year (really 365 days later) we got married at my home church. and then we moved to NC so i could go to seminary. Four years after we met, and now 3 years after we were married we still credit our meeting to God alone.

Yesterday was my last day of classes in my Seminary career!! i still have finals ahead of me but i'm done with classes and i'm so excited about our next steps. We'll be moving in May and then i'll be starting a job as a full time Chaplain.

Hope you enjoy our story and have a love of your life too!!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

last tuesday of the year!!

Today i preached a sermon in my class and that was my last regular assignment for this semester (and therefore my entire seminary time) It actually went ok. I worked out an outline the night before and it turned out to be a very detailed outline, that was basically in full sentences. So when it came time to write my manuscript, i just took out the bullets, which worked pretty well in my opinion. I felt more comfortable preaching that way than i ever had before and others said that it was pretty good too. So that went well today.

Also Audie interviewed for a new job at work today. He is up for an assistant manager's position at his current company. That is a two step up change, because there is a level of supervisor that is in between where he is now and the assistant manager job. the other person that is up for the job is already a supervisor and it's come down to just the two of them. SO either Audie will get the job or if the other guy gets the job then Audie will be able to take over the available supervisor's position. That helps things so much because there will be a good result either way. We should hear by Thursday so we'll just have to see what will happen.

SO i've been working on homework the last few nights and now i just have 3 take home finals between me and graduation. that's a good feeling to have for sure. I'm hoping to finish two of those finals pretty quickly next week so that i can work on the last one early. But all of that will be finished with a wonderful Cinco de Mayo celebration with all my friends because we'll be all finished with school!!

Last night i was working so intently on my sermon that i did not watch DWTS, so sorry that you don't get my comments about it until later, but i'll probably watch both last nights and tonight's show after dinner tonight. I hope that i can enjoy my wednesday and Thursday and then work on my finals starting up on Friday, we'll see if that plan works out well or not because i have to babysit on friday afternoon. But i hope to knock these things out and still have time in between to rest and relax and not have a stressful time of finals week.

ok ladies and gents, hope you are having as wonderful tuesday as i am!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

is it really saturday?

I wish i had a really good reason for not posting recently, but i just don't. I haven't bee super busy or anything, i've just be getting into a funk with the end of school. I've been counting down the days and i haven't has a ton due this past week but i'm gearing up for finals, so i've been enjoying just being less busy than normal.

Yesterday Audie was off of work so we spent the day together which was pretty great! I had a dr. appointment yesterday and it all went well. Nothing is really wrong so don't worry about it and the dr. made me really comfortable and talking out our options with her was great. Really all we were talking about was birth control issues, so i won't go into the gory details, but i'm very happy with the plan of action, and i'm going back in 2 weeks for another visit. And it was good that Audie got to be there because i was worried that i would feel judgement/ pressure from the dr. and i didn't at all, but i was glad he could go with me, and he's going to go in 2 weeks with me too.

after the dr. appointment we went to mellow mushroom for lunch and then headed to Raleigh to our new neighborhood. We reserved our uhaul for the move, and just explored everything a bit more. Then we had buffalo wild wings for dinner, yummy!!! It was a great day of just hanging out and looking around, but it was nice to do it together and being over there really made me want to move a ton sooner!! Then we came on back to Durham and I chatted with my mom and older sister, which was so great to just get to talk with them, it was like they were sitting right there but they were back home. i wish so much that we lived closer to them, and i'm so excited to see all of my family when they come up for graduation.

alright, audie is working today and i'm trying to get some school work done for this coming week. so we'll see how that works out while i'm home alone and not very motivated!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This week has been pretty good so far. Yesterday was just kind of getting used to the idea that i have to be at school again after such an awesomely relaxing weekend, but i'm good now. I had class and precept yesterday and was pretty frustrated by my preceptor telling us that we still would not get our midterms back yet. We turned them in forever ago, and i know they guy has other stuff going on, but really you knew that this class had a huge midterm when you took on the responsibility of grading for it.

Today was just any old class day. Last week my professor of my preaching class told us that she might not be there today, and that we would probably have a substitute and that we would get an email letting us know for sure. SO at 1:30 today (an hour before class began) we still had not gotten an email from her. I was all ready to just skip and go on home and enjoy my afternoon, but i ran into a classmate and she guilt tripped me into going. (not really but there are only 4 students in the class i started to feel bad that if i wasn't there then 1/4 of the class wouldn't be there) So i decided to go. When we got there the sub. wasn't, and one of our classmates wasn't there either. SO the three of us that did show up decided we would wait 10 minutes. The sub never showed up so we were out of there and i got to enjoy my afternoon after all!!! it was lovely, i took a nap, watched some friends and cooked dinner, we had steak, baked potatoes and salad, one of my favorite dinners ever!

the only thing i have yet to reflect on is DWTS! Last night i thought everyone was getting a little shaken up about the two score thing, but that's not a really a big deal. I thought that Kate was a bit harsh looking, though she said she had the best time, she just needs to learn to smile and show how much fun she is having. I'm watching the results show and i was really concerned that she would go home, but she's back for another week!!! maybe she can get it together next week. I'm not that sad about Aiden going home, not because i don't like him but because i hate Edyta. She gets on my nerves, and she never wears any clothes pretty much (even in the shots from rehearsals and their field trips!!)

Ok everyone, lots of love from NC, i have 6 days of classes left, and i already have an idea for my last sermon that i'm excited about and hoping that i can conquer my finals early and get them done!!!


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sorry for being missing this weekend, I was taking kind of a break from technology. I have to get up the energy to finish up my final semester and so i enjoyed doing very little this weekend. I don't have anything to turn in this week and we spent a very tiring last weekend in GA so we enjoyed doing as little as possible.

Friday i took some Claritin and was out all day and night. Seriously i took one little baby pill around 9 am and then slept until 11:30, then again from 2:30 -6:00 and then again from 11 until 10 the next morning. it was awesome, i'm not going to lie!! My allergies were a bit out of control, but this weekend has been a ton better, though i can't take allergy medicine and get things done for school, so it's only a weekend thing.

Saturday i didn't do much but watch Friends on DVD, you know, Chandler, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica!! I got all 10 seasons for my birthday and i have been watching them a few episodes at a time ever since, I finished them for the first time around thanksgiving and immediately started them over again. I'm just starting Season 9 now, right after Rachel and Ross have Emma!! My favorite show ever by far, i mean i still laugh out loud at least once an episode and it has brought me to tears many times too!! (especially when Monica and Chandler get engaged, when Phoebe talks to the triplets after they are born and the last episode of the series) I spent just about all day watching episode after episode, then last night Audie and I went out with some friends for some dinner and a movie. We (the girls) saw "Bounty Hunter" while the boys saw "Clash of the Titans" Both groups liked their movie pretty well. The Bounty Hunter was good, funny and sweet at times, typical romantic comedy, I would wait to netflix it later on if i were you, it wasn't that great, but pretty good.

today we went to target for a few things, and then grocery shopping, which was a good thing because we hadn't been in a few weeks. we spent more than usual, but we saved 20 dollars in products that were on sale and coupons. we also had to stock up on some things, so it was a pretty big bill and trip. Laundry was also on the list to do for today, and i also printed and addressed my grad announcements.

Alrighty, Our weekend was quiet but awesome! I'm loving not having much to do and i'm SO looking forward to a month from now when i'll have little to do for the whole summer! I have 8 class days left to go and 4 assignments left, one sermon due next week and then 3 take home finals/papers. After that sermon is done i'll have a week before i have to start really heavy on those finals and then i'll be all finished!! VERY ready for that day!!

Ok but first i have to make it through this week!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


I know most of you realize this already but yesterday i was a slacker!! i know i've talked about on here before that i get really unmotivated on Wednesdays because i just have the one class and i usually don't want to go. well yesterday i didn't go, and i have a paper due today at 4 so i was supposed to work on that all day/night until it was done, but i really probably started on it around 9pm. I went to bed last night at 12 and it was about 1/2 done. I got up this morning and went to my other class, finishing up my paper around 12:30 this afternoon. I really want to go on home because i'm feeling pretty crappy/tired today, but i have to go to my classes to turn in stuff, i have class in about 20 minutes and i have to hand over the manuscript/ DVD of the sermon i preached on Tuesday to my prof. who wasn't even here. then i have to turn in my other paper at 4. ugh i really want to take a nap and just relax this afternoon, and both of my class are super boring and i just play games in them anyway, but i still have to be here!!

well at least there are only 8 more days of this stuff, and the weekend will be here at around 5:30.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So i had a crazy day yesterday, between trying to watch DWTS, the NCAA championship game, writing a sermon(while fretting about the preaching of said sermon) and getting back in the swing of things with being back in Durham.

So first off, DWTS (most important to me, sorry if you thought it would be b-ball) I thought everyone did well again last night and was proud of Evan for getting the highest score 'cause he's just such a cutie and so sweet!! it was really interesting keeping up with the scores because basically that was the only change in the line up from last week to this week. I know i'm a dork that keeps up with the scores and then line them up in order before the elimination round, but actually no one moved around from last week. I just finished up the results show, and i'm pretty glad that Buzz went home. I've been saying it for a while so i won't repeat it again, but i was really torn when it got down to Jake and him, because i just hate Jake so much! he's such a doofus!! Well we'll have to see what happens next week. I do want Kate to keep getting better and better, because i think this week was at least a step in the right way.

Next: Basketball!! watching the game last night was nailbiting!! i was so proud of both teams and they both worked so hard. They basically matched each other point for point the whole time and that last shot that didn't go in, my heart was in my throat!! It was crazy around campus today, just tons of Duke shirts on everywhere and everyone was so happy/excited about the whole thing. It was awesome.

Unfortunately i had a sermon to preach today so after the game i stayed up til 3 working on getting it all down and then got up early to finish stuff up this morning. NOT FUN!!! So i wound up preaching from an outline, and it went ok, not fun, and i was still a nervous wreck about it, but i survived. I thought it went pretty bad because i didn't stick to my outline very well and was just flying from the seat of my pants it felt like. The folks that gave me feedback were pretty complementary of the sermon itself and said that it was a lot better than the last one, but i still could have been less nervous and more confident of what i was saying.

So that's the update of my life since we got back from GA! I have 10 more school days left and now only 5 more assignments due before graduation. One of them is due thursday so then i'll have one sermon the last week of class and then just finals. Not too bad if you ask me, definitely hard to stay motivated, but since the countdown is getting lower and lower it's getting easier!

Ok guys/gals! Hope your tuesday was good too, we'll see how Wednesday goes!


Monday, April 5, 2010

great weekend!!

I had the best weekend!! We loved all our time with family and friends! i hope you guys had a great Easter weekend! There is too much that went on to discuss it all and i have a sermon due tomorrow that i still haven't started on!! so you'll have to just believe me that all was good even though i don't give you the play by play.

But basically we had a blast seeing all Audie's family and my roommates/husbands (their husbands, not that i have multiple ones!). We had a great easter, went to an easter egg hunt, and a birthday party and we also got to watch Duke win Saturday night! I'm so looking forward to watching the championship game tonight and i hope that Duke wins!

we also have to be excited about the fact that Audie is interviewing for a new job this week! His boss told him this morning that he's being considered for the assistant manager's position since the person who is doing it now is leaving. So he's going to interview this week and we should know sometime this week if he gets it or not. There are other people being considered so it's not a sure thing, we'll see what happens! and if he doesn't wind up getting the job it's ok because he loves his job now just fine, and if a person higher up than him gets that job then maybe he'd be promoted to their job, so there are lots of good things in the works. we'll see how things go, but be in prayer that he does well in his interview and that whatever happens will be ok!

Ok i have to get ready for my class! boo hoo, i hate school on Mondays!! I just wish it was Thursday again! Hope you have a great monday!