Thursday, April 29, 2010


so i finally hit my stride and am working on my finals!! i now have 6 out of 10 pages on my first one and a good outline to get me to the end of it. I'm finishing this one today!! I won't be sleeping until it is done, but if i keep going at this rate i'm bound to be done before dinner even, which means i can spend the evening working out an outline for the next 10 pager!! then hopefully i will have that one done by Sunday morning. I'm taking the first one in to turn in on friday afternoon after my dr. appointment. and then i'll be spending the rest of the afternoon/evening writing that second 10 page paper.

Saturday morning will be all about the new apartment, we're going over to sign our lease, look it over for stuff that needs fixing, and moving in some small things after cleaning the whole thing down. I'm so excited and ready to be there for real, though we won't be done moving in until the 22nd. not fun! Saturday afternoon/night i'm not going to bed until the second final is done!! then Sunday-Tuesday are going to be all that 3rd final!! hopefully i'll be done in time for the 5pm on wednesday deadline.

I did have a dream last night that i was in a car crash and tried to use that as an excuse for why my finals weren't done. But it didn't work out well in the dream so i'll not try that!

I've also begun bribing myself with Sex and the City episodes, for every paragraph/main point i finish writing i get to watch an episode. I did this over spring break only with harry potter chapters. I had to step up my game for sure because this is like torture finishing these finals!!

But now i'm finally on my way to finishing them, starting them was way harder than actually doing them, i should know that by now, but its something i always talk myself into that i can finish them in less time than it actually takes

ok sorry this is all i have to talk about, but literally it is my whole world right now!!


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