Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Predictions for 2009

Ok So this is the last day of 2008, and as such, this is the day when you normally make new year's resolutions, etc. but i don't really make resolutions for the new year so i thought i would try my hand at predicting the future!! ( i know that's a wierd train of thought, but bear with me!)

So in 2009 the following things will happen:

1. I will survive, if just barely, two more semesters of school, and a summer internship! - at this point next year i will be working on getting a job in South GA, and then working on getting ordained by the church, etc.

2. At least one of the people i know will: Get married! (rachel?) get engaged! (Jessica?) Have a baby! (Leah?) get pregnant! (rebecca?- you better not, because you better wait until at least Oct. because then i will be in the state for the birth!!!)

3. We'll get a new President! this i'm pretty pumped about! I hope that Obama's Presidency is everything that his supporters have hoped for. But i think that it remains to be seen, because it takes more than just one person to change things! (Side note: we totally have friends that live in DC and they invited us to come stay with them for the inagaration, and Audie said NO!!! i was like WHAT!! this is history, even if we just go and watch on TV in their living room, rather than ours, at least we could say that we were there!!)

4. Our family and friends will come a visit us in NC. Really this year is basically your last chance, so get your buts up here!!! You are always welcome, and we're never too busy to see the people we love!

Ok so maybe that isn't what you expected and maybe i'm being a little safe in my predictions, BUT i do hope all those things happen, and that they all thrive and are all we hope they should be!!

Love and enjoy your new year!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tasty Tuesday!

Ok guys and gals!

i know i have been out of reach for a few days, but i figured I would do something productive today. I certainly am not cleaning (even though Audie's sister and bro-in-law- and their in utero cutie Madison are coming up this weekend) or taking back Christmas gifts (even though i got two of Jon and Kate plus 8's book- i LOVED it, read it in about 3 hours, cried like a baby, and love them even more now) or unpacking (from the quick trip down to ATL for Christmas, got there friday at 9, then left there at around 2 to come back) or taking down the Christmas tree (even though i have a BIG rule about always getting it down before new year's!) or school work (even though i already have a field ed aplication due at the end of the month, and about 13 pages to write for my second year evaluation due this month) so instead of doing all that, i'm giving you an AWESOME, EASY recipe!!

This is the recipe that my mom in law uses to make fudge! It really belongs to her best friend. It is SO easy you will like slap yourself for not making it more. I swear i ate like 25 pieces at Christmas this past weekend, and i ate ALL the fudge that we brought back with us today while i was being lazy!!!

Ok so without further ado!!!

Microwave Fudge

1 stick butter, melted
1/4 cup milk
1 box confectioners sugar (3 1/2 cups)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup cocoa
1 cup chopped pecans

- Mix the Butter, milk, sugar, vanilla, and cocoa in a plastic bowl.
- Microwave on High for 2 minutes.
-Stir in nuts. and pour in a greased 8x8 inch square pan.
-Refigerate until it is all solid and completely cool.
-Cut into small squares and enjoy!!

ok so there you go, but don't overload like i did, but do eat some ( you might even have all the ingredients in your cabinets! When i figured out that i did i decided to make more fudge for the family who is visiting this weekend!)

love to all and i hope ya'll have a great holiday!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Since It's Christmas

I thought i should post. Well i thought i should post like last week sometime because now i have all this time on my hands. BUT i haven't done anything interesting/funny to share with you! I literally have read about 6 books, none of them for school, but all of them good! and slept an average of about 11 hours a night! it's amazing to do that, because starting the 7th of January it all begins again!!

so the Christmas plans are: We are celebrating alone here today and tomorrow. Santa has everything to put in our stockings (fruit, nuts, candy) and then several gifts that are wrapped under the tree (audie and i figured we would make it easy on the old guy) and i have two great gifts under the tree for the hubby! lots of fun!! this is our second married Christmas, but i'm pumped because we get to spend it alone together for the first time in our apartment. Audie doesn't have any time off from work except for Christmas Day. (Though his boss is sending them home at noon today, and maybe something similar will happen the day after?)

Anyway, as soon as Audie gets off on Friday we are fighting the traffic until we arrive at Audie's parents house. At T-giving he got off at 6 like normal, we left our house at 7:00 and we arrived around 12:30. Hopefully we can get there a bit sooner (like that his boss will randomly tell them to go home early) But my job is to have the car packed tomorrow night, and be ready to go with about 45 minutes notce so that when he pulls up, i load the last few things into the car, and then he changes out of his work clothes and then we leave!

When we finally get to GA we will spend all of Saturday with his family, eating dinner and opening presents with them! tons of fun! We'll all go to Chruch on Sunday and then out to lunch. and then Audie and I will drive back! oh what fun!! i love driving 12 hours for about 36 hours with family! that's a good ratio!

Ok well i hope ya'll have a great Christmas, enjoying the reason for the season! love to all.


Monday, December 15, 2008

another update

So the semester is finally over. Actually it has been officially over since i took my last final Thursday morning. But today grades came out and were posted online. I was definitely holding my breath on a few of them, but they turned out pretty good. All B's. two regular B's and two B +'s. that's not too bad. I worked hard for all of them and now the fruits of my labor have paid off. My GPA even rose a few hundreds of a point. Not bad if I say so myself.

SO besides waiting patiently for grades things have been groovy, nothing stressful happening, mostly sleeping and shopping for Christmas. I am almost officially done with that as well. A small gift to mail to my dad and stepmom is the last thing on my list. Audie's family is drawing names this year, and so is mine, so we wound up having to buy for only four people, plus each other. Not too bad. I got some great things for Audie and i hope to get some awesome things as well.

Not that we need anything really this year, but it's nice to express how much these people mean to me by getting them a nice gift and then wrapping it all up nicely! Did i mention that i actually like wrapping gifts? I do! When i was little (like 12 or so) i started wrapping all the Christmas gifts for my grandma, and the last several years i did all my mom's wrapping as well. I love every minute of it. I love measuring out the paper, making the pattern fit so you can't see the seams, making the tape disappear, putting a nice ribbon and tag on it, etc. I read an article in a magazine once about a lady who did that for a living, wrapped people's gifts for them. i could do it in a heartbeat!

I guess I'll put that on the list of careers i could have had (if God hadn't called me to this ministry thing) Present Wrapper, Wedding Planner, Construction General Contractor, Nanny, Personal Chef - the list is pretty long. Anyway. these are the kind of things you get to think about when you have nothing else to do (no schoolwork) and I have plenty of time on my hands!

Happy Holy-days everyone!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

No i'm not dead

Just severely deranged! I have been studying/writing papers for the last two weeks. I took plenty of time off for Thanksgiving turkey and Dressing in AL with my family. I also went to my hometown for a DCOM meeting, and i was passed with flying colors. They basically just ask a few questions and then determine if you are should still be in the running to be ordained. So i passed.

other than that my life is pretty boring, i've really been doing homework almost constantly. So i'm also watching Sex and the City on DVD while doing it.

I put up my Christmas tree too. i bought a new prelit one at Wally world on the day after thanksgiving (at 5 am) for 25 dollars! i know right awesome, and then i got it home and it looks kind of like i paid 25 bucks for it. -which i did so it's fine, and when i got all my cute ornaments on it didn't look to bad.

the big thing about this weekend is that i am dog sitting. My friend Danny and his Fiance were going out of town for wedding planning stuff, and they forgot to contact the boarders who normally take Pixie. SO audie and i volunteered! it's been really fun! which is surprising 'cause i'm not a dog person AT ALL. I like looking at cute dogs as much as the next person, but i'm not good at the taking care of them part. Anyway Pixie is a lahsa apso. It's kind of like a golden shitz zu. really cute and precious. he's been great!

Ok so that is the update so that you all don't think i died or something!

love to all and Merry Christmas.