Tuesday, January 13, 2009

long post WARNING!!!

Hi out there is cyber land!

i had a great week, long because it is when i started school back. i haven't really been to all of them yet, one starts tomorrow, but i am well in the swing of things. One thing i am excited about is that i have no classes on fridays this semester and I am hoping to use them to do readings. i hope that when Friday is over i can be totally read up for the next week. I accomplished that last week, and hopefully that will occur again!

So several things are exciting me:

1. I am going to see my friends this weekend! as a last minute gift to myself i am going to GA for MLK weekend. I am going to leave Audie behind because he has to work both friday and monday. but i don't have school either day! so i am going to spend the weekend with Amber!! and Friday night we'll go see my other best friend Jessica in ATL for the evening! god bless them, i called them out of the blue and invited myself to their houses to spend time with them- and they said OK! that is a friend!

2. i bought a coffee maker! ok so i am a slight coffee drinker! I really only drink coffee when someone else makes it, it just tastes better when you don't have to clean up all that crap afterward!! so over christmas i had an oppurtunity to try a single cup maker- it was a Kurig, and it used these little canister things and it brewed your coffee in like two seconds, right into your cup!! and they have hot chocolate, tea, and cappichino, etc!!! So i was obbsessed for a bit, and i decided that i wanted one, i researched it for a bit and decided i wanted a Senseo. it was the cheapest (65$- still alot) which was really the best thing about it, and it used 'coffee pods' which are like little teabags of coffee! Well i didn't get one for Christmas, and Audie and i decided to save our pennies to get one. THEN on Saturday i went to the local thrift store- a Habitat for Humanity store! they had one for GET THIS!!! 3$ AH!!! i was so excited. I am so pumped to use it! Totally go to thrift stores for anything! sometimes you have to stalk the store and look weekly 'cause they get new things all the time. Books are a great way to save money here too- usually paperbacks are 50 cents and hardbacks are 1$ - i have gotten bestsellers for 50cents!!

3. I found several blogs through A Belle and her Beau, and one of them Kelly's Korner is one of my new favs!! I actually wanted to read her blog because she is pregnant and was due yesterday (not sure when the baby is coming- everyone is still waiting as far as i know). I also liked her hair and she is really cute pregnant and funny! Anyway this weekend i went and read her archives ( ok i know that may be wierd- but i like to know all the back stories to these people's lives) ( i did the same thing to Poop and Boogies). So as i read her story i was enthralled!! she and her hubby had been trying to get pregnant for about 1 and 1/2 years. she was so real and honest about her struggles with wanting to be pregnant for so long and not being able to do it. She was still amazingly supportive and sweet to all her friend who were getting pregnant around her, giving the cutest babyshowers and being so joyous for them. She is an amazing Christian and all through this struggle she was praising God for all that she did have! Well she and her husband did like all these fertility drugs and they didn't wind up working. so they decided to take a break from all the drugs, go on vacation and contemplate what God wanted them to do, to continue the drugs, do in vitro, or adopt. And three days before their trip she found out that she was pregnant!!! all naturally, a God given child all thier own!! so beautiful a story!!
SO why i loved this story so much was that as i sat here reading about how hurt she was every month when she realized that she wasn't pregnant, again, i was in so much pain for her, i cried when she talked about not being able to go to church one day because she knew that she couldn't take it that day! in the back of my mind was, just wait Kelly- you are about to get pregnant, only six more months, four more months, two more, etc. ! I knew that she would be finding out as i read about other things that she would let us know, i could wait to figure out when she told the blogging world, her parents, etc. I loved knowing the end of the story while i was reading the back ground! ( and by the way that is how God is for us!! God is just sitting back and watching me be frustrated, sad, exasperated, etc because my life isn't going the way that i want it to, but then God just says, just wait Julia, just wait, you'll get that soon, i have something great in mind for you! - i can't wait for you to see what i will do for you later) AH it was beautiful!!!! an epiphany if i ever had one.

So i know this post is really long, but enjoy because things are getting busy around here! and remember when you are waiting that God has great things in store for you down the road, and while it may not feel like it now, it's coming sometime!!

love ya'll

Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh i just remembered!

Um, two more things that will be happening this year:

I will be turning 25, and Audie will turn 30! AAHH!! I know that's not that old to everyone else out there. But for me they are BIG milestones. I am no longer in my 'early twenties' that's a scary age for me I guess. Maybe it's because i'm still in school and wish i weren't, but i can't do much about that. And my hubby being 30 i know freaks him out a bit. Luckily we have about a whole year to 'look forward' to these days, because my b-day isn't until September. And Audie just turned 29 last week, so he has like a whole year to go!

Ok so that is my update for now. I'm also awaiting the arrival of Leah, the sis-in-law and her hubby Raymon. Also she is about six months pregnant, so i'm also awaiting little baby Madison, in utero!! I got THE cutest baby gift for them at Target/Ross. i love both those stores, but Ross is my new Fave. I got a cute little dress and bloomers for Madison for only like $10. It was originally $30. What a great deal!! I also had a friend who has an Embroidery setting on her sewing machine to Monogram Madison's name on the bootie of the bloomers, and four little flowers. TOO cute. i saw i tiny baby on a recent blog, i'm not sure which, with a little diaper cover on with just thier name on the bootie, SO CUTE!! anyway, so that's where the idea came from.

Now i'm obsessed with getting a sewing machine that does embroidery! i know the machines are expensive, but seriously getting things monogramed is expensive too, so you would like eventually save yourself money- also you could do gifts for Bridesmaids, friends, moms, towels for newly marrieds and grads! totally worth the investment!!! love it!! so anyone who is out there who has one they want to sell, hook me up!!

ok that's enough, i need to go wash sheets, etc. for my family visits!!

love to all,