Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally Friday!!

So what have i been up to in the last week and a half?? Not much except work, work and oh wait, more work. I'm about a 1/2 hour from going home for the weekend and it's driving me crazy that i'm stuck inside when it is so nice outside today.

Not much is going on around here and i'm sorry that i'm so boring! I did hear back from one of the jobs that I interviewed for and I didn't get it. i'm not too disappointed because it was the one of the two jobs that i didn't really want as badly, so hopefully i'll hear back something positive soon from the other job. or another one of the million that i have applied for (at least it seems like a million).

in other news we're doing a march madness bracket at work and i'm in 3rd place after a few games. but only one point separates me from first place so i am doing pretty well. I'm so excited about seeing my games each day and who wins so i can follow what's going on.

ok that's all for now, tgif!!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i passed!!!

I went to GA for two job interviews and my ordination interview and i passed my ordination interview, which is awesome!!! I'm so glad that it is over and that i passed.

The job interviews went well, i'm hoping for good news from them. i liked both churches pretty well and hope for a job to be offered to me. they both were really nice and i appreciated the way that they gave me the opportunity to interview.

That's all i have for now but i wanted to give all you few people that read the good news!


Friday, March 4, 2011

i'm outta here

i'm patiently waiting for noon to get here so that i can leave for my long weekend of fun. I'm interviewing at two chruches this weekend, one on saturday morning and the other sunday night. I'm meeting a friend for dinner on sunday night and getting to see my family a lot!! all of this before the big interview for ordination on Tuesday. I hope i get positive results from that interview for sure.

I gotta get out of here first though. then i gotta go home and pack, get the house cleaned up and ready for audie to stay at home for the weekend by himself. but again time seems to be standing still so that i can't go home!!! it will be ok though because it will happen and i'll get to head home soon enough!

until after this weekend, ttfn.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

when it rains it pours

I got two job interviews in the last few days!! This weekend while I'm at home for my ordination interview i'll be interviewing at two different churches as well.

this makes me really excited and scared too! i'm scared because there is a lot of self doubt about being able to move back home and work full time at a church. i think i can do it and i'm hopeful that it will be fulfilling and something i enjoy, but i'm scared fo that too. But it's a good sign to get interviews at two different places!

Hopefully one will turn into a job for me!!

prayers would be greatly appreciated!!