Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dinner tonight!

Ok guys and gals! I have an awesome recipe for you- i realize i have kind of dropped the ball on the recipes, so sue me! but after i got back from an awesome road trip with my friends sarah and meridith, we had a few days of slow down and relaxation. Then Sunday evening meridith passed out at work, hitting her head on the floor, and she got a concussion. She was in the ER for about 24 hours and I spent one night in the ER with her, and then sarah took the day shift. i had to go back Monday night so she wouldn't be by herself. yesterday i went and got her mom from the Airport so that her mom could take over all the mothering!

she's doing great now, just still on nausua and dizziness meds. now if her mom doesn't drive her crazy in the next few days it will be a miracle! not because her mom is aweful, but becasue let's face it once we all get out of the house having our mom/dad parent us again is like torture!!

ok on the recipe! this is my mom's mac and cheese recipe with a bit of a yummy twist (from another yummy recipe i had)! i definitely made this a few weeks ago and then have had cravings for it ever since!!! so now it's on the menu for dinner tonight- along with sloppy joe's ( they are audie's specialty) and roasted broccoli and watermelon for desert!! ok on with the mac and cheese:

Mom’s Macaroni and Cheese

1 box macaroni noodles
1 block of Cheddar cheese
2 eggs
a few dashes of hot sauce -optioinal
1/2 teaspoon ground mustard - optional

• Boil and drain noodles, and place into a sprayed or greased glass baking dish.
• Cup up the block of cheese into cubes, and stir throughout the noodles.
• Beat eggs in a small bowl and add enough milk to fill the glass dish. Mix in the few dashes of hot sauce ( I use about 10-15 drops) and the ground mustard, if using.
• Pour the milk and egg mixture over the noodles and cheese.
• Bake at 400 degrees for an hour, or until the dish is totally solid
• Optional: grate cheese over the top about 10 minutes before it is finished.

so the hot sauce and mustard give the mac and cheese a real savory flavor and that little kick of spice. i love the change to my mom's traditional recipe, but try it both ways! hope you enjoy!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm back!

ok so i have officially been back since friday/saturday at 1 am, but since that means i have been exhausted ever since then i figure now is when i make my return to bogging. Not much to report- well really too much to say is the more likely problem after two weeks almost with the best girls in the world.

we picked out the cutest bridesmaid dresses ever!! so excited!! we traveled a LOT of miles to see a million things! um yeah too much to say at this point, so i guess i'll begin with this weekend- a whole lot a nothing!

sleep sleep and more sleep to recover from the 1 1/2 weeks of much travel, many strange beds, and not enough sleep because of the combination. Audie and i also watched Charlie Wilson's War! it was awesome!! too good!! we also will watch Valkarie tonight so i'll report back as to the goodness of that one.

ok that's all folks, at least for now!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

this week

so this week, and next i'm in GA, with family and friends. And i'm too busy hanging out and loving every second of the time i'm spending with them to blog about it! sorry for the interruption for no news but things are good, i'm not dead and i'm having a blast, but missing the husband!

have a great week off everyone!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

weeks recap!

Sorry guys, I realize that katie b. posts more in a day than i do in a month many times. But this week has been fairly busy- about as busy as summer time gets around here.

Sunday: not much happening around here, i think Audie and i just enjoyed the fact that we had nothing to do that afternoon.

Monday: Babysitting again. i watched my fav. girl again, picking her up from daycare and then putting her down for a nap that afternoon. more like a day of stuff to do. after babysitting i taught a friend to drive a stick shift, she did really great! she was my like second student ever, and she was driving in a neighborhood after only about two hours. Audie stayed home sick that day, and i think he passed it to me, because by that evening i was sneezing and stuff as well.

Tuesday: Orientation for Field Ed. So my supervisor and my reflection group leader were not present- which is the majority of what you do at orientation- meet and get to know them/ hear about what you'll do this summer during the internship. SO my day was basically pointless. a long day of doing nothing at the Div. school. I didn't really have to be there for most of the day so i skipped out on some things, but was present for the most important things.

Wednesday: again babysitting! another nice day with the girl! she was really funny, because her mom has been gone for the last week (she was in the hospital- she was fine, but still) the girl has been with dad, and has been totally missing mom. That afternoon when she woke up from her nap, and found me there instead of mom or dad she was pretty upset. after she calmed down we were playing, when she had to get in a bit of trouble for doing something dangerous- not a big deal i just told her no (a word she doesn't hear too often i'm sure- especially this last week, while dad has been in charge) But she got mad at me, and then pitched a bit of a fit- she threw herself on the floor, and then like screamed loudly. I told her to stop that or she would have to be in time out. And at that point she started 'crying' where she just made crying noises, but no tears were there at all. And when i told her that wasn't going to get her anywhere- she jsut made the noises some more and then would stop long enough to check if i was paying attention, and then when i looked at her, started 'crying' again. Kids are pretty funny, I told her to play something else and she pretty much did, in like 5 minutes i was her favorite again.

Thursday: not much going on here! i stayed home in my PJs all day- for the first time since school has been over!! reading and watching TV, and really resting with my cold. I still feel pretty crappy, but i think the cold is on it's way out, i'm totally living off sudaphed and robutussin, and the combo has made me pretty sluggish!

but this time next week i'll be in GA!! I'll give the low down later, but I'm pumped about $29 one way tickets that i got on tuesday, and i'm pumped to go home and see my mom, and then go dress shopping with the newly engaged Jessica, and when i get home, i'll be going on the road trip of GA with my two good seminary friends!

so see ya'll later, enjoy the longest post ever, and i hope you have had a great week too!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

summer is great!

AAhh, i love summer time! I have had the best few days! (i have had plenty of time to blog, but i have just been doing nothing and enjoying my time off)

Thursday: i babysat for one cute little girl Hannah, we went to the Life and science Museum in Durham, AWESOME i really recommend it! totally worth the ticket price. Anyway we went and so did like every school child in durham public school and their parents as chaparones. they were everywhere= too crowded and not too fun. Then we went back to her house for lunch and a nap! Then Audie and I just spent the night at home. (the girls and i were gonna do a sleep over that night, but finals wore us out too much)

Friday: we did get together for a poolside lay out day of reading, relaxing and chatting. But the sun did not cooperate, clouds and then rain ruined our day, so we went inside and watched Bride Wars- too cute! On the way home from sarah's i got an awesome call from one BFF Jessica about her getting approved for a new house. She bought a house!! that's crazy, but so exciting, she and her boyfriend are awesome good friends of ours, both were in our wedding (they walked down the aisle together!) and they had been looking for houses, waiting for a good deal/ good house. They found an awesome house- it was great news to hear! Friday evening a few friends and Audie and I went to the Durham Bulls game. Awesome seats for just $10. We were like five rows back from first base, right next to the Bulls dugout! we were really pumped and had a great time at the game- even though we lost 14-1. boo on the bulls! But the real drama of the night was that my car was broken. When my friend came over to go to the game he came in and told me that my brake lights were on, even though my car was NOT on!! really freakin wierd! anyway we took off one of the battery terminals so that the battery wouldn't run down.

Saturday: So far the day has been great. I got woken up to the news that Jessica- friend with the new house- and her boyfriend James GOT ENGAGED!!! too awesome timing James! they are such a great couple. They started dating about six months after Audie and I did, and i have been wanting them to get engaged probably worse than Jessica has! but they now are, and the rign si lovely! a beautiful antique- james' grandmother's! love it! sigh, love is in the air! ok well then since we were already up, from the 8:30 phone call from Jessica, we decided to go ahead and take the car to the shop. No news yet on wether little herbie ( that's my car's name) will be better soon or not, here's hoping 'cause i was supposed to teach a friend to drive stick this afternoon/ another friend on Monday. I kinda need my car for that!

Ok so anyway- summer is awesome i love having nothing to do! though it is a bit wierd having nothing to do, you know what i mean?

Ok well i'll update all of you when i know more about herbie's condition! love to all on a beautiful saturday!!