Friday, February 27, 2009

2 AM -Really??

So i love Survivor- i'm obsessed (see previous post about other obsessions) so i watch it every week- while wearing my authentic buff (headband/bandanna thing) that the actual contestants wear - Audie got it for me for Christmas!! I mean i really love it. Many of you know this already, but i'm trying to build suspense for those of you who didn't already know that. Survivor airs on Thursdays at 8 pm, followed by Grey's and Private Practice to make Thursday a TV day for me. I don't work on homework on Thursdays, at all. I don't have class this semester on Friday- but even if i did i wouldn't crack a book.

I HATE basketball. I decided this pretty recently, but i'm sick and tired of living in Basketball country. If you don't know there are four division one teams in a two hour radius of Durham (Wake Forest, NC State, UNC, and Duke) so people here take their basketball really seriously. I do not- i couldn't care less. I don't know when people play or when exciting things happen. (you would think ii would care because i attend one of those schools but i think this hatred runs very deep)

side note: it all started in late elementary/early middle school when my Whole class (of like 16 people- small private school) signed up for basketball camp. I begged and pleaded with my mom to spend the money on sending me to it. It entailed about 6-8 weeks of early Saturday drills for four hours and then at the end we would have a game/tournament to show of our skills to our parents who had just paid an arm and a leg for our 'free t-shirts'. I spent the first two weeks learning how to dribble and not say 'sorry' when i take the ball from the other team. I sucked it up and it was humiliating. hence the hatred of basketball.

so what do you think these two things have in common?? well the ACC basketball championship started last night, on CBS at Eight- and since people in this area are CRAZY for basketball, the local channel showed the basketball game instead of Survivor. I. Was. PISSED!!!! what made it worse is that before the game started there was a short announcement that said something like:
Survivor will be aired at 2:07 AM instead of its normal time because basketball is awesome.

WHAT??!!!?? excuse me???? 2 AM really??? yeah i checked the local listings, and it was true. So who set an alarm for 2 am and watched it? ME and who is really tired today? ME but who didn't have class so it's ok? ME.

happy Friday everyone!!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

you like me, you really like me.

So google analytics is my new obsession!

do other people have this happen- probably not i am kind of an obsessive person in general- ok whatever that means i'm not sure- back to the subject.

SO i checked my google analytics like a few (like 50) times yesterday. I also check my blog pretty frequently. -Don't beat me to the punch line.

so i'm pretty ecstatic that like 23 people saw my blog in the last two days- but like 11 of them were from Durham/Chapel Hill. - then i realized that those could just be ME checking my blog 85 times a day- is that true- does Google Analytics count me as a visitor?? i can't figure it out but i had my "you like me, you really like me" moment yesterday only to get it shot down with the humbleness of my own obsession with my own blog.

(by the way i have ALWAYS thought that the reference acceptance speech was really dumb and so i can't even begin to tell you how stupid i feel for making even a reference to it, much less saying the words out loud myself)

so the moral of the story is- are there really 11 other people in Durham/chapel Hill that read my blog yesterday? if so please speak up (i.e. COMMENT!!) so that i know you are there- we could be friends in real life! I'm fun, you'd like me, you'd really like me! - haha.

also i took a personal day today and tomorrow i don't have class so basically i have finagled a four day weekend!!



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Google Analytics

Thanks to Danielle for being humble enough to ask about google analytics and helping me get my answers too!!!

I FINALLY got it to work!!! (i see you Douglasville and Chapel Hill, whoever you are!!) and i love all of you!!


also can i say that it is really interesting to see how large alaska is on the map- because it is actually to size and not segregated out in a small box in the corner. really funny, check it out 'cause it is HUGE!!

also i'm in class right now- don't tell the professor!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So i decided to take up recycling for Lent.

I usually talk a good talk about being green, and recently i have been faced with the fact that i haven't been backing it up with my actions.

So i have a labeled bin all ready to go, and it already has a few things in it! I will be recycling as much as possible for the next 40 days, and i hope that it will be a part of my daily life after Lent is over. Also today i researched where the closest recycling facilities are, and made sure i knew what they would take.

Ok lent, I'm ready!! bring it on!!


So lent is upon us, really surprising this year for some reason. I think it just snuck up on me.

SO i'm not sure what to give up.

Facebook, desert, the bus, alot of things are floating through my mind.
- but really i hope to spend the 40 days reflecting on the fact that Jesus came down, took my sin and died so that i may have eternal life.

pretty humbling, and i hope that my life on this earth does justice for what God has done for me and that i can live in such a way to show others what God has done for me, God did for them too!!

Easter is coming, but before we get to have the glorious risen Lord, we need to fully understand the depths of the cross and the tomb, and what Jesus did while dead for three days.

i know that is kind of a downer, but it is balanced by the joy and happiness we can have when Jesus is risen!!

love to all,


Thursday, February 19, 2009

i know

i know it has been a LONG time since i posted last, but i'm not sure that anyone who reads this has actually missed my posting!

Not that ya'll don't love me, but i'm sure most of you are:
A. someone who keeps up with me in real life so you know what i've been up to.
B. someone who doesn't keep up with me in real life, but my blog is not a huge part of your day anyway.
C. Someone who doesn't know me at all, and so you're not allowed to be upset because i haven't let you look at my life on the internet! - actually i would be quite surprised if someone read this who didn't know me in real life.

SO what have i been up to? Everything and nothing all at once.
some highlights of what you have missed:

1. my 3 dollar coffee maker was missing essential parts- after MANY emails and two phone calls to customer service i got the parts out of the blue in the mail!!

2. i have turned in my first papers, preached a sermon in preaching class, and taken a midterm.

3. my friend James from college moved to Raleigh. I know this is random, but like the week after my last post he came up and interviewed for a job, got the job the next week and then moved up here the week after that. - really fun to have a good friend up here with us!!

Ok i think that is all exciting that has happened.

Now this weekend's plans:

1. driving to and from ATL.

2. Going to the GA aquarium with my college roomie and her hubby, then out to dinner with my other two roomies and their fiance/boyfriend.

3. Baby shower for Leah, Audie's sister who is due with the first grandbaby in the family in about six weeks!

4. Monday- going to do my middler evaluation meeting, one more grad requirement that will be done!!

ok sorry for the quick nature for all that AND for going forever without posting. Hey and if you missed it, let me know!!