Friday, February 27, 2009

2 AM -Really??

So i love Survivor- i'm obsessed (see previous post about other obsessions) so i watch it every week- while wearing my authentic buff (headband/bandanna thing) that the actual contestants wear - Audie got it for me for Christmas!! I mean i really love it. Many of you know this already, but i'm trying to build suspense for those of you who didn't already know that. Survivor airs on Thursdays at 8 pm, followed by Grey's and Private Practice to make Thursday a TV day for me. I don't work on homework on Thursdays, at all. I don't have class this semester on Friday- but even if i did i wouldn't crack a book.

I HATE basketball. I decided this pretty recently, but i'm sick and tired of living in Basketball country. If you don't know there are four division one teams in a two hour radius of Durham (Wake Forest, NC State, UNC, and Duke) so people here take their basketball really seriously. I do not- i couldn't care less. I don't know when people play or when exciting things happen. (you would think ii would care because i attend one of those schools but i think this hatred runs very deep)

side note: it all started in late elementary/early middle school when my Whole class (of like 16 people- small private school) signed up for basketball camp. I begged and pleaded with my mom to spend the money on sending me to it. It entailed about 6-8 weeks of early Saturday drills for four hours and then at the end we would have a game/tournament to show of our skills to our parents who had just paid an arm and a leg for our 'free t-shirts'. I spent the first two weeks learning how to dribble and not say 'sorry' when i take the ball from the other team. I sucked it up and it was humiliating. hence the hatred of basketball.

so what do you think these two things have in common?? well the ACC basketball championship started last night, on CBS at Eight- and since people in this area are CRAZY for basketball, the local channel showed the basketball game instead of Survivor. I. Was. PISSED!!!! what made it worse is that before the game started there was a short announcement that said something like:
Survivor will be aired at 2:07 AM instead of its normal time because basketball is awesome.

WHAT??!!!?? excuse me???? 2 AM really??? yeah i checked the local listings, and it was true. So who set an alarm for 2 am and watched it? ME and who is really tired today? ME but who didn't have class so it's ok? ME.

happy Friday everyone!!!



Danielle said...

i think you do win the award for craziest survivor fan. im pretty sure you should win a ticket to a show or something. i mean the finale show. of course.

Anonymous said...

You need to suck it up like you did for basketball camp and get cable and a DVR. I don't care if that means that you can only shower every 3rd day to conserve water, and you have to walk to campus to avoid spending money on gas... 2 am is a little ridiculous.

But that's why I love you!