Monday, April 5, 2010

great weekend!!

I had the best weekend!! We loved all our time with family and friends! i hope you guys had a great Easter weekend! There is too much that went on to discuss it all and i have a sermon due tomorrow that i still haven't started on!! so you'll have to just believe me that all was good even though i don't give you the play by play.

But basically we had a blast seeing all Audie's family and my roommates/husbands (their husbands, not that i have multiple ones!). We had a great easter, went to an easter egg hunt, and a birthday party and we also got to watch Duke win Saturday night! I'm so looking forward to watching the championship game tonight and i hope that Duke wins!

we also have to be excited about the fact that Audie is interviewing for a new job this week! His boss told him this morning that he's being considered for the assistant manager's position since the person who is doing it now is leaving. So he's going to interview this week and we should know sometime this week if he gets it or not. There are other people being considered so it's not a sure thing, we'll see what happens! and if he doesn't wind up getting the job it's ok because he loves his job now just fine, and if a person higher up than him gets that job then maybe he'd be promoted to their job, so there are lots of good things in the works. we'll see how things go, but be in prayer that he does well in his interview and that whatever happens will be ok!

Ok i have to get ready for my class! boo hoo, i hate school on Mondays!! I just wish it was Thursday again! Hope you have a great monday!


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