Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I realized i was so excited about my new robes yesterday that i didn't update you on my thoughts about DWTS this week. Since we went to the Sr. Banquet on monday i DVR'd it and watch the dancing show yesterday morning. I thought everyone did pretty good. You can tell that the good folks are left because the lowest score anyone got was a 21. They are all going to have to step it up if they want to win. I still love Erin and Evan so much!! and I think Niecy is doing so good too, but so funny.

The results: I was glad that Jake went home, bless his heart but i think most viewers didn't like him. He has like no personality and he was so cute and sweet when he was a contestant on the Bachelor show, but when he was the bachelor i didn't like him at all. He's just so goofy and fake feeling. I think maybe that's why he and Vienna get along. Well that's all in the past and we do not have to see him on DWTS anymore, which makes me pretty happy!

So i guess we'll see what happens next week! i've got to go back to working on my finals and stuff, not fun!! i just need some bottled motivation to get this stuff done so i can enjoy being finished with school!!

Ok enjoy your Wednesday, i have exactly one week to write these 3 finals!!


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