Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sorry for being missing this weekend, I was taking kind of a break from technology. I have to get up the energy to finish up my final semester and so i enjoyed doing very little this weekend. I don't have anything to turn in this week and we spent a very tiring last weekend in GA so we enjoyed doing as little as possible.

Friday i took some Claritin and was out all day and night. Seriously i took one little baby pill around 9 am and then slept until 11:30, then again from 2:30 -6:00 and then again from 11 until 10 the next morning. it was awesome, i'm not going to lie!! My allergies were a bit out of control, but this weekend has been a ton better, though i can't take allergy medicine and get things done for school, so it's only a weekend thing.

Saturday i didn't do much but watch Friends on DVD, you know, Chandler, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica!! I got all 10 seasons for my birthday and i have been watching them a few episodes at a time ever since, I finished them for the first time around thanksgiving and immediately started them over again. I'm just starting Season 9 now, right after Rachel and Ross have Emma!! My favorite show ever by far, i mean i still laugh out loud at least once an episode and it has brought me to tears many times too!! (especially when Monica and Chandler get engaged, when Phoebe talks to the triplets after they are born and the last episode of the series) I spent just about all day watching episode after episode, then last night Audie and I went out with some friends for some dinner and a movie. We (the girls) saw "Bounty Hunter" while the boys saw "Clash of the Titans" Both groups liked their movie pretty well. The Bounty Hunter was good, funny and sweet at times, typical romantic comedy, I would wait to netflix it later on if i were you, it wasn't that great, but pretty good.

today we went to target for a few things, and then grocery shopping, which was a good thing because we hadn't been in a few weeks. we spent more than usual, but we saved 20 dollars in products that were on sale and coupons. we also had to stock up on some things, so it was a pretty big bill and trip. Laundry was also on the list to do for today, and i also printed and addressed my grad announcements.

Alrighty, Our weekend was quiet but awesome! I'm loving not having much to do and i'm SO looking forward to a month from now when i'll have little to do for the whole summer! I have 8 class days left to go and 4 assignments left, one sermon due next week and then 3 take home finals/papers. After that sermon is done i'll have a week before i have to start really heavy on those finals and then i'll be all finished!! VERY ready for that day!!

Ok but first i have to make it through this week!


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