Tuesday, August 10, 2010

nothing going on!

I realized that I hadn't posted since Saturday and that feels weird to me, mostly because i posted so much about projects last week. but not much has been going on around here, i mean i went to Walgreen's today to pick up a prescription and went to the bank to cash two checks... not too exciting, even though my life is so boring right now that it made it a big day for me! haha.

Well in other news I'm also excited because a good friend of mine is moving up here this weekend, maybe that will mean that I'll have some stuff to do by helping her move in her new place. In two and a 1/2 weeks I get to start work for real, a welcome change from doing nothing, but a worry for sure to how i'm going to adjust to a new schedule. I'm starting to try and get up earlier and earlier so that I'm ready for getting up for the day and not being able to sleep in and nap all day! that doesn't usually work with a day of work to do.

ok that's about all i can write for now, that's everything i have for now!!


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Jessica said...

not to mention, you found out today your bff is coming to visit soon!