Friday, August 27, 2010

last day of summer!

Today is the last day that i have to enjoy being at home and to chill out! Audie has the day off and I'm just happy to get to spend the day at home with him. Even out doing errands and chilling out is fun when i'm with my hubby!!

Also this weekend my bff Jessica and her hubby are coming up to visit and we have no real plans except to have dinner and a movie with some people up here Saturday night. Other than that I'm going to just enjoy hanging out with my friends and visiting. Including chatting up the most recent gossip and chatting about what's up with both of us! That's my favorite thing to do for sure!

I'm so excited for what these couple of days will be like, hopefully pretty relaxing and fun. Because Monday I start my new job!! I have two days of orientation with the hospital and then 3 days with the spiritual care department, and then we'll be getting started pretty quickly into doing on-calls and pastoral care with patients. As well as those things we'll be doing educational time during the day as well. I'm hoping that I won't get too overwhelmed with all the information in orientation, and that i'll be able to maintain some 'me time' while in the midst of all that.

Also this week i began my ordination papers, for those of you that don't know, In the United Methodist Church you can't just get ordained you have to go through a huge paperwork and interview process! I'll be writing around 70-100 pages in the next few months to proove and ask that i be given the chance to be ordained by the UMC. Here's hoping that goes well too!

but for now- it's a day and weekend of relaxation!


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Jessica said...

yay! see you in a few hours! well maybe like 14 or so...