Wednesday, March 31, 2010

now it's all good!

So my friend and i hashed it out and we're all good. After a long conversation where both of us cried it out, we're ok and moving on towards a better relationship. It was a long time coming and it's alright now. Just thought i should give you an update since i was so dramatic earlier!


good and bad day

Ok so it's a good day because I'm now done with school until Monday!!! I have so much fun stuff planned to do this weekend and i'm so ready to go to GA tomorrow night!! i do have to write/ practice a sermon while i'm there so i can preach on Tuesday, but hopefully it will be ok and not too tough!

It's a bad day because a friend of mine and i got into an argument and i'm kind of frustrated by the whole thing. We kind of left things in a strange place, where both of us were upset and mad but we were chatting online so i asked her to have a further conversation about it in person because i didn't want to be misunderstood. I'm really nervous about it, because i'm just afraid that she's not going to want to be a good friend of mine anymore after our conversation, but probably it will take away some resentment and hurt feelings that have been building up over this situation. I think i just have to hope for the best and know that i have to just listen and care about her in all of this and be honest about how i feel because if i can't be honest with a person we shouldn't really be friends anyway, and if she doesn't want to work it out then she had that right, and i can't force her to work it out with me.

So just pray for now, i'm not sure when we're going to have our face to face convo, because audie and i are going out of town. but it needs to happen as soon as possible so that we can get this behind us and move on. I'm really worried about it, but i know that it has reached a breaking point with me and i can't really let it go any more. Ok also a good thing about today/tonight - we're having leftovers!! that might not be a good thing to most people, but that means i don't have to cook dinner!!!

Alrighty, hope you've had a good day today too, and here's hoping that all will be resolved sooner rather than later.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wow what a long day!

so last night's dancing with the star's was not all i had hoped for. Poor Kate and her sad dance! she was so frustrated with her inability to do it really well. I can totally empathize, it's so hard to be bad at something and know it, but still have to do it (especially in front of other people). That's how i feel about preaching! She needs to be more in character and try to lose the nerves. Nicole's dance was shockingly great and the judges thought so too!! i thought that Buzz still needed to go home! While i'm on the subject, can i say that i DO NOT like the new lady cohost Brooke Burke. I know she used to be on the show, but Natalie from last season was a lot better live, Brooke is all kind of scripted sounding, not good! I'm watching the results show already so we'll see what happens!

so today was a pretty long day of class, not too fun, but i'm so excited to get to have an extra day off this week that i can't wait to be done tomorrow. But today was the majority of my school week, so with it behind me i'm glad! i have my one class tomorrow but that won't be too bad and then i'm done! We're also having leftovers tomorrow night to clean out the fridge since we'll be on our trip this weekend.

IN other news: i ordered plane tickets for a trip that i'm going on this summer! I'm going to work a spiritual retreat back home and my sisters are working too! i found a great deal for plane tickets for the Wednesday before the weekend and then for the wednesday after it's over, so i'll get to see my family some in the midst of my visit too.

So now my thoughts on the results show: Buzz still should have gone home! I'm glad that people care for him and want him to be there, but really he's not a dancer and he could hurt himself pretty badly! I wasn't really shocked that Pamela was in the bottom two because i think people who watch Dancing with the Stars aren't exactly her fans. I think she just danced too sexy. The Ten/Len Commandments were not really funny, but cute. The Beach Boys performance was pretty good, but i knew that John Stamos was an original part of the group, and not just a special guest! Also i'm always pretty bored through the whole results show because i just want to know who is going home, and all the other stuff can just be left out half the time. But the Haiti dancer tribute was SO sweet and sad!! I was sad to see Shannon go, and of course i was glad that Kate got a second chance. I thought that Shannon did pretty good, she was so sweet with the relationship with her dad! i would have rather seen Pamela go, but we'll see what happens next week!!

ok folks, hope all is well with you and that you are as excited about Easter as I am!!


Monday, March 29, 2010

long day of nothing!

So today i went to another ministry workshop, but it wasn't nearly as helpful as the wedding one last week. This one was about SPRC's. Or Staff Parish Relations Committees for you folks that don't do Methodist Church stuff (though i'm pretty sure that all pastor's have something similar to deal with in their tradition) The lady that did the training is normally training SPRC's so it was kind of weird for her to talk to a room of future pastors. She would be a great lay training event for folks on the committee, but it was kind of not pertinent information for all of us.

After our workshop i had class and precept! I'm so not here this week because i'm so wanting to be on Easter break and in GA! we're leaving on Thursday night after Audie gets home from work, and we'll be in ATL until Sunday afternoon!! We'll be seeing good friends on Friday night/afternoon and spending Saturday at the church Easter egg hunt and then at our niece's birthday party. then we'll be spending Easter sunday at church of course!

Also we're excited because Audie did our taxes last night and we're getting a good refund! loving that for sure, and already planning what we'll spend it on!! ok i hope all of your mondays were at least as good as mine, even it wasn't too exciting!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010


This weekend Audie and I were very productive! Yesterday we had a ton of errands to do and so we went shopping at a million different stores. Audie bought some software at the Apple store. We were worried that they wouldn't give us the student discount on it, but they did so we saved like 1200 dollars!! really for real that was the discount we got!! i couldn't believe it! So we now are the proud owners of this super crazy professional adobe software that Audie needs to do art stuff. (he's working on a new project, a webcomic that he'll write/draw/produce/put on the internet himself! i'll get you the link when it goes online) Then we went to Target and got some basics, you know new socks, undershirts, deoterant, etc. It was then on to Michael's to get some stationary. I'm sending out graduation announcements in a few weeks and we were looking for some kind of plain wedding type invitation to print my own rather than spending a ton of money on them. we basically found some plain white cardstock that is precut and comes with envelopes for 100/ 15.00 so i thought that was a pretty good deal. (and with audie's new software they'll look really good once he's done with them!)

Also we went to Ross and found me an easter dress. I didn't really think i needed one, but i just decided to look just in case they had something cute/cheap. I tried on 4 and only one really looked great and it was a good price too, so i have a new dress, perfect for Easter next week and work in the long run. We also bought the cutest stuff for our niece's birthday! We're so excited to see our family and friends next week for Easter and her birthday party! Audie has friday off and i have thursday and Friday off this week so we're going to be able to drive down Thursday night. I loved what we got for her birthday ! (i would tell you what i got by my sister-in-law, AKA niece's mom reads this blog most of the time) we also made a stop by old Navy for me to look at some clothes for work! i got four tops appropriate for work that were all on sale!

Today I've wrapped my niece's present, put away laundry, done 3 loads of laundry and made lunch for Audie and I. Audie went and paid our rent, got the mail and did grocery shopping for the week (we only needed like 4 things, and i didn't want to get out of my pjs to go shopping today - which is why he went instead of me) so now we're all set for this week and ready to go to GA for the weekend!! so excited to see everyone! I know i already said that, but i really am!!

I hope you had a great weekend too!

Friday, March 26, 2010

i lied!!

ok i have to confess that i didn't correct people when they ate my cookies and said, "You made these, they are great!" I just smiled and said "thanks, they're easy!" BUT when my friend who i carpooled with asked for the recipe i fessed up, that they were pillsbury. I felt kind of bad, because most people there wouldn't have cared, but i didn't want to admit it anyway. I figured that since i did bake them that it's kind of the same. It's ok too because you guys know the truth!

i hope you all have a great weekend! we're going shopping tomorrow for a few things, mostly groceries and a birthday present for our cutie niece!! we'll see what we find.


Thursday is the new Friday

So since i don't have class on Friday, I love thursdays even more than ever! Thursday brings survivor (usually, it was rescheduled because of basketball this week) and Grey's Anatomy, and one of my new favs, the Marriage Ref. IT is really funny because it shows couples that have strange weird or just strange arguments that are at a stalemate. Then they come on the show and a panel of celebs discuss the different sides and the host makes a final call on who is the winner!! Too funny to see what other couples fight about. At the end of the show they all get a second honeymoon. I really want us to go on it, but Audie isn't willing to be on TV with me!! that could be the fight we submit to the show!!! or maybe not.

Anyway last night i was craving some good pasta so we went to Johnny Carino's! it was so good, and i got the all you can eat pasta/salad. No way a person can eat more than one serving of salad and their pasta, so i got some to go so that i can eat it for lunch today, yummy! I'm enjoying my day off so far by eating my yummy lunch and baking cookies! One of my classes is going on a field trip today and then having a potluck dinner and i'm taking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! And i have a confession, i used store bought snap and bake cookie dough, you know, the kind where it's all done for you!! i baked them at home so i feel like that qualifies them as home baked cookies!! I'm a little afraid of judgement because this class is a class on food and faith and it's full of foodie folks who are all about organic, healthy food stuff. Not that it's bad to be that way, i'm just not, but the cookies were on sale and i'm not a good baker. so i figure i can deal with the judgment, but i'm not going to advertise that they are store bought. Don't judge me!!

ok yeah you can judge me i guess, but you're my friends i don't think you would hate me since you knew the cookies are store bought, and some folks in my class just might.

i'll let you know how it goes!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wednesday, ew!

I'm continuing my days of the week posts by talking about my wednesday! I have a love hate relationship with Wednesday because i have just the one class in the afternoon. I love it because i don't have to be gone all day in class but it's crappy because i have to get out of my pajamas to go to school. Well today i went and got gas in my car, because it had been a while, took the trash and got myself some lunch. Then i had to go to class, :(.

Overall a good day, quiet not too much to report. I never did a DWTS update, but basically i liked everyone except Buzz and Pam. I thought overall it was a good first week, some folks have some serious talent/ability! other folks not so much. Buzz, i love that you are 80 years old and doing something so outside your comfort zone, but you need to go home. It's cute to watch you dance/practice one week, but i'm not sure i can watch too much longer. Pamela- you looked like you were drunk/drugged the whole time (quite possible that she was i guess) and looked like you were about to get nekid with your partner on the dance floor. not cute, we'll see if you get better when you do the V. waltz next week, maybe it was the cha cha that was the problem. Kate, bless your heart, it wasn't good, but it wasn't awful for the first week, get better quickly and people will like you better, and i think that Toni is your partner will work for you, because people like him! Evan and Erin, i love you both and hope that you do good, and since you have some talent that might actually happen! everyone else, i have nothing really to say to you good or bad, we'll see how you grow on me or not!!

Ok those are my thoughts, what did you think if you watch?


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday, best day so far!

Today was pretty much the best day this week! My 2:30 class was canceled and since my 4:00 class is pretty much crap, i decided to go home early and have an afternoon off. LOVING IT!! i slept for a whole 2 hours and made dinner! We just had chicken from the crockpot. They had whole chickens for $.47 a pound and so i did it in the crockpot all day and then we also had corn, salad and cresent rolls, so yummy! and I picked off the bones and made stock to make chicken and rice soup for tomorrow night. and Saturday we'll be having poppyseed chicken if there is extra leftovers. all super yummy!

Not much else is going down today, it's a down week because i'm in a lull in schoolwork for now because we just turned in midterms. not much to report but all is good. We found out that we will be moving in to our new place on the 1st of May! so excited about that too, because hopefully at the time i'll have finished all my schoolwork by then and I can relax and clean the whole apartment, then move in all our small stuff and then the weekend after graduation we can move all our big furniture and then i can have a few days to clean out our old apartment and then turn in our keys and be done with this place and on to our next one!! so excited about moving!!

Have a super de duper Wednesday!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

yay monday!

Ok Monday is not one of my favorite days of the week, but i'm glad for some things:

i went to a workshop today about performing wedding ceremonies! we had free lunch and learned so much! we even had a mini 'wedding' ceremony to practice rehearsals! We also learned what is necessary for marriages to be legal, and what three reasons you can't marry a couple (they are already married to someone, they are related, or they are not of sound mind (i.e. they don't know why they are doing it, and are being forced into it) We also talked about what to do in emergencies, how do give premarital counseling and how to follow up with couples that we have married! It was so exciting to think about! Any takers? Anyone want me to do your wedding??

The other thing i am excited about is Dancing with the Stars, hopefully i can give a recap tomorrow and we can talk about what we thought! I am watching it right now and i'm loving it so far! Can't wait to see who goes home!


Sunday, March 21, 2010


We sat right behind home plate, got free tickets, i ate a hotdog!! and then we lost by only one run!! It was exciting right up to the last pitch though which made it a great game, NOW i have to get going on some homework!!


This weekend's recap

So Friday night was awesome! My good friends up in NC gathered together at a danny and amber's house and then went and ate Cajun food at this local place: Papa Mojo's Way yummy! they had live music that night too, but we didn't stay because it was a cover charge and we weren't really ready for that, plus it was really loud, not good conversation music. Then we went back to danny and amber's house and ate birthday cake because we were celebrating folks' birthdays!

Saturday Audie went and gave official notice to our apartment people as to when we'd be moving out! Monday we find out for sure when we'll be moving in to our new place, but we know we have to be out of our current place by the 31st of May!! I'm so ready to move to a new place, it's so much better/closer to Audie's work/cleaner/ the people are nicer!!

Last night we got a call from danny and Amber (we hang out with them a lot because they are a couple where Audie and I get along with both of them, and they live really close to us) we all went to eat Chinese together and then walked around Target for a while, you know i could do that all day! We also made plans with them today to go see a Duke baseball game, I'm really excited about eating a hotdog for lunch! the tickets are apparently 5 buck a piece for duke empolyees/students. And Danny and Amber said that they didn't check ids at the gate, so we're hoping to just spend the 10 bucks. then it's just sit wherever you want, and they place at the durham bulls stadium, which is a great location! We're pretty excited!

Gotta go for now, see ya later! Hope you had as great a weekend as I did!


Friday, March 19, 2010


OK so i'm a huge hypochondriac, i'm all about WedMding something to figure out what i have, but usually when I complain to Audie he tells me to go to the Dr. Good advice i guess but it's hard to make time to get there. So when Audie called me to say hi on his lunch break today i was telling him how weird I felt. (i didn't take my BC yesterday on Accident, and all last week i felt strange because i was doing the inactive-sugar- pills and it always makes me feel really strange when i do either) So he was like, go to the dr. or stop complaining.

So i called student health and they had an open appointment (very rare, usually it's a two week wait if its not an emergency) so i went in at 3:50. So the dr. tested my blood for some stuff, (including being pregnant - thanks for the worry Amber! it came back negative by the way) They asked a ton of questions and were really helpful, but didn't really know much to tell me. So i have a referral to go see a Birth Control Specialist at the Real dr.( i mean not student health, i know they are real too, but you know what i mean) so i'm supposed to get a call to tell me when i can come in (i hope next week) and we'll see if she has a suggestion for what i should do.

i'll keep you updated on what's up, i guess it could be a TMI, but this blog is about my life and processing my thoughts, so that's what i'll talk about if i want to. Don't worry i won't give you the gory details.

Tonight very excited about going out with some awesome friends tonight to celebrate two of their birthdays at a Cajun restaurant around here.


What is wrong with me??

I am a night person, i always have been. When i was in elementary school i would hide books under my bed and then read them under the covers until midnight (very late for a 8-10 year old) And now, while i don't usually stay up really late anymore it doesn't bother me to stay up late if i know i can sleep in the morning. I don't do well when i don't sleep for at least 7-8 hours, but i can't make myself go to bed early, so i wind up making sure i don't have to be anywhere too early and i go to bed around midnight (many times i still don't go to sleep right away).

The last two nights, right after dinner i was exhausted!! I almost fell asleep right on the couch while watching TV, so audie made me go up and get in the bed each time, i went to bed. Wednesday night i went to sleep at 10 and last night i was asleep by 9!! what is wrong with me, i don't feel bad or weird just extra sleepy!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i missed you guys!

So the last two nights i have not slept AT all, well i snoozed for a few hours early in the morning. Monday night i went to be at 2 because of my midterm, last night my mind was just going a mile a minute until 2. I realized, it might have been because i didn't blog yesterday at all.

Blogging is just a great way for me to get my thoughts out there for so many things. today i had a meeting with my preaching professor to discuss my last sermon. I had to be at school at 9:30 for the meeting and i was pretty worried about it. it wound up being pretty good, though she wants me to start preaching from an outline alone and not a manuscript. we'll see how that goes when i preach in a week or two, but it kind of freaks me out, but i know that her comments were right on. I hope that it will free me up to be myself in preaching and not be tied to a script.

I also today had to deal with a bunch of stupid drama with out apartment complex. I am pretty peeved at them, and i'm ready to move like whoa!! we did get approved by our new place and they have the apartment we liked that is going to be ready in our time frame. SO we're all set to move sometime in May!!

alrighty gotta go, i'm starved for dinner tonight for some reason!


Monday, March 15, 2010

I interrupt this broadcast...

well it's not a broadcast, but i interrupt this midterm writing session to tell you that we are putting in our application for the new apartment!! I talked to the lady today and they are having a special where you get 2 months free (spread out over the 12 month lease, so basically we're getting an apartment for $713 a month that would normally cost $885.) if you move in by May 31st so I told her we'd be sending in our application and if they approve us to live there (why wouldn't they, we're great neighbors!) and I told her that we could move in any time in May! We're going to probably break our lease at our current place a little early so that we don't have to wind up paying more in the long run. We'll have to pay a one month's rent penalty, but if we stay for the rest of our lease we have to pay for a month of rent for June and almost 100 dollars in rent for six days in July! so we decided we would rather move sooner than later to capitalize on the offer. Here is the floor plan:

It's got two bedrooms and two and 1/2 baths, which is an upgrade for us of a whole bathroom. The community also has a pool and fitness center which will be nice and they have community activities, like a block party, yard sale, easter egg hunt and stuff. i've got to get back to writing! Two questions down, and i have outlines for the other tow already. Now i just have to fill them in!




I'm done with one midterm, and i've decided i'm staying home from school tomorrow to finish the second one, which i know is probably counter productive, but there is no way i can write 16-20 more pages without working all day. I just emailed in the midterm i've been working on all weekend and it was in total 28 pages! why do my professors think that this is how i want to spend my spring break!! I hope you have a great week and you get everything done that you need to get done!! i hope i do too!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

still working!

i'm stopping working on my midterms briefly to say that i'm still alive, but i'm still working on this stupid work!!! i will be so glad when May comes along and i have a whole summer to do what i want to do! i'm thinking i'm going to be doing a good amount of work to try and get this stuff done so that it's done on time!!

ok guys,


Saturday, March 13, 2010

we found an apartment!!

Today we went and looked at 5 more places to live. i won't go into the whole process now because i have midterms to get to! too many things left to write before i get to school on Monday!! I'm still only 1/2 way through with my first one! but i have until Tuesday afternoon to finish the second one and i can work over lunch that day. So i think i'll get it all done.

BUT we did find a good place today! good price, good location, good neighborhood, good amount of space and it will be about a 5-10 minute commute for both of us! we spend all day out looking for places, but one of the places when we got there we decided not to go for our appointment at 2. We didn't have an appointment with this other one, so we just stopped by and loved it!! then we had like 2 hours to kill before our next place. so we went to this shopping area and went to TJ Maxx! i love that store! I got a purse, big and green, lovely! and a pair of shoes, and two pairs of 'no-socks' for like 60 dollars! the purse was regularly 95 from Liz Claiborne so i think i got a great deal! It's very work appropriate, and cute! the shoes are comfy and will be great on those 24 hour on calls. The 'no-socks' are like those little tan socks that you can wear with dress shoes and you can't see them, but they keep you from getting blisters! i love them so far. i got a pair in black and tan!

Ok more on everything later! i have to get working!! ew gross i hate schoolwork!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

not so productive

Ok i have to admit that i didn't work as diligently as i should have today, i haven't yet finished even one question on these horrendous midterms!! but i did finish Harry Potter 7 so now there is nothing to distract me tomorrow, well not really because i may just start the series over!!

I hope you got all you wanted to get done today!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today is finally productive!

Since i have SO much homework to do this week before school starts back i decided that i needed to get going on some homework. I finished Harry Potter 6 last night and so today i started a good system of getting motivated. For every chapter or section that i read for school i get to read one chapter in Harry Potter 7! i hope to be all read up to schedule and ready to start to plan and write my midterms starting tomorrow. We'll see because right now i have 7 more things to read before i can start that project. i think i'll have a similar system of rewards for my writing. Like i think for every question/answer i write a full outline for i get to read another chapter, or when i have written 4 pages i get another chapater!

We'll see if that keeps things moving so that i can write the answers to 7 midterm questions that will total about 50 pages of written answers. Boo on midterms!!

Well i have to get on with making dinner and doing other stuff in the small break i'm giving myself to make and eat dinner. Nothing spectacular tonight, just a salad and beef stroganoff hamburger helper!

i hope you enjoy your wednesday!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

not much to report

Well today i got up to go to have coffee with a friend but she had something come up and so i wound up spending the whole day at home chilling out. I went and got a package from the post office, and one was delivered to the house. The one that was delivered was our plates from our paint your own pottery trip! they turned out really well!

This is Mine:

And here is Audie's: (showoff!)

Other than that i didn't have anything exciting happen today!! sorry not to have more to report, but that's all i did, except for reading more of Harry Potter 6 i have almost finished it in 2 days, which is awesome, but does nothing to finish those two big midterms that are staring at me!! tomorrow i'll start for sure!

ok have a great night guys!


Monday, March 8, 2010

spring break day one

so this spring break i have a TON of work to do, including two take home midterms that are 30 and 20 pages each, NOT fun!! so what did i do the first day of spring break?

-investigated 12 different apartments online and by calling for more information. most were shot down completely for being too expensive, or not big enough. Two were shot down because they were income restricted and we make too much money to live there. two are in the area that we really liked on saturday. and we have four appointments for this saturday. Some of them as so great and have really great deals right now!! I want to move in tomorrow for sure! i know that we can't really move until our lease it up here, if we do break our lease it's a penalty of like 600 bucks! so we'll be waiting, and hoping that they have great deals in May/June!

-i have done or will do 5 loads of laundry before the day is over. I love to do laundry, it's actually one of my favorite chores around the house. i like to wait and do it all in one day though, and that makes it a big chore, but it doesn't make sense to do it until i have a full load of colors, whites and darks, and audie and i just don't have enough clothes to do that. when i was little my mom did laundry once a week too unless she had to so i guess that's where i get it from. i usually do clothes about every 2-3 weeks, and it has been nearly a month since i last did laundry, we were scraping the bottom of the clothes pile!! i actually wore a cotton dress, tights and a cardigan apartment hunting and babysitting saturday because i was so out of clothes! you know that the only excuse i can give for dressing up, no clean clothes!

- i made dinner for my hubby and me! I am making steamed peas (one of those frozen steamer bags of veggies. they were on sale and i had a coupon, so i bought three different kinds) Mac and Cheese, my mom's yummy baked kind, and BBQ pork loin. all i do is marinate them in our favorite BBQ sauce and then pour some more on top and bake them for 30 minutes or so, easy peasy!! also i might have some cresent rolls or something!

- i also read for a good well, no not stupid school reading, but Harry Potter 6! ok yeah i should be getting on to doing those big homework assignments but i just couldn't today!

i hope you enjoyed your day as much as mine was!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

more apartments!!

so we went over to raleigh yesterday and looked at two apartments. well actually not so much! one we found by the GPS and parked only to find that it was closed for a little bit. i think the folks in the office were off showing an apartment or something, but as we sat there looking around we thought that the neighborhood wasn't exactly where we wanted to live. plus it was kind of a long way from the hospital i'll be working at. So we decided to go on and try the next one.

The second one looked really nice online and it was in a good location/neighborhood, but they didn't have any apartments to show us because they were all full. So they said to call them closer to the time when we wanted to move in and they would see if they had something available. So we went on back to Durham and hung out and then i went and babysat for the evening. had a great time chilling out because the girl i was babysitting went to bed at like 7:15 and then i just watched TV until the parents came home. I didn't watch the duke/unc game, but i hear it was good, and as i was coming back home i saw tons of smoke coming from campus, and i figured that we won! If that doesn't make sense you should read Danielle's blog today about what this tradition is all about.

Today Audie and i went to Raleigh to see more apartments. We stopped by one that was closed today, but we gps'd it to see how far away it was from work and decided to keep it on our list, and go back next saturday to see it. We went to the next place only to discover it was WAY to far away for my commute and it was out of our price range anyway, so we didn't even get out to see it. Then we made our way to the third place, and we thought it was way too small, but as we went back to our house we figured out that we loved the area it was in, it was set out away from all the major roadways but close enough to a lot of good stores and yummy restaurants. So while we will probably not live at that place, but we're going to look at some others along that area, i'm pretty excited about the places we found online when we got back home today!

so our search is over for now, we have crossed three off our list and are still finding some great places that we want to look at next weekend or beyond! I'll keep you updated. OH and Amber asked what the program was that Audie downloaded so i'm going to give you the information. it's called Sweet Home 3D and it's really cool! you can even make things all different colors and try out different looks and stuff. I hope you guys can play with it and have fun working on your own interior design stuff!!

Overall we had a great weekend, i loved not doing any homework and finding some good stuff out about the apartment situation. hope your weekend was just as great!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

New apartments!

Since it is spring break and audie had yesterday off of work (he's working today until 2) we decided to go to Raleigh and look at some new apartments. We didn't have a lot of time because i babysat until 3:30, but we have an appointment at one place at 4:30 yesterday. We loved to look at the model apartments and see how awesome it would be to move!! So our current lease is up July 6th so we're hoping to move into our new place at the latest on July 1st. But we have to find a new place first. So we're looking for a place in the middle of the area of Raleigh that we'll both be working in next year. our jobs are about 20 minutes apart, so we're hoping for each of us to have only a 10 minutes commute or so. We looked online and found 8 places that fit our budget and seem to be in the right place.

So we went and saw the first place, it was kind of pricey. right now it is on special and that's the only reason it's in our price range. but they don't have any two bedrooms available, which is what we really want. So we don't know if in June when we'll probably move in if it will still be in our price range or if they will have things available. But the lady encouraged us to keep in contact and in Mid May if we contacted them then we could know for sure. Also she told us that they require 30 days notice before moving in, so we have to sign a lease 30 days in advance before we can move in. The apartment we saw was awesome!! Right now we live in a townhouse, and so it was weird to think about living in a regular apartment with neighbors upstairs and down. But it was really, REALLY nice. the bathrooms were huge, and it had really big closets. it had more square footage than we have now and 2 full bedrooms and bathrooms. right now we only have 1.5 bathrooms. it would be very nice to have two so that guests could have their own bathroom.

We were a little worried about how our furniture would fit or not. thought it is a bit bigger than ours, but the dining room was a good bit smaller, and i couldn't tell if the bedrooms were larger or not. So audie went online and downloaded this program to his computer where you can make floor plans and put little furniture in it!! it is so cool!! we can totally make our own little apartment and move around the furniture so that we know where to put our stuff when we get there!! i'm so excited about all the possibilities! I hope we can print out the floorplans so we can compare them and stuff, which i think we can.

So after looking at that first place the other places were closed, but there was one place that isn't open at all on the weekend, which i thought was strange, but that means we don't have the ability to go see them at all for now. But we drove out to see it anyway, to see if we should even concerned about not being able to see it. SO we decided that it was too far away from my work to bother with for now. I was disappointed a bit because it was a duplex, and it was in a neighborhood, like a real house!!! i want a real house really badly, but it was higher on the price range scale and it was too far outside the commute that we want. so we crossed it off the list for sure!!

Ok guys got to go for now so that i can get ready to meet audie, i'm babysitting again tonight so we have to see two apartments before i have to be there.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok professor, class is supposed to be over at 5:15!! Can you please get it together to stop your pointless rambling in time for me to go home! Especially since as soon as you are finished i will be able to stay at my house for a full week of spring break! AND the people in my class are rambling on too, they continue to offer comments and questions even though we have already gone past time!

Also, another professor presented us with our take home midterm today. It's supposed to be done over break and turned in next week. Today was the first we have seen of it. And we are told that it should be 16-20 pages after we have answered the 4 questions!! REALLY?? because that is a bit long for a midterm first of all, and I already have a 30 page midterm to do as well. I'm going to be writing 50 pages in this week? It took me a whole semester to write my senior project in undergrad, a total of 34 pages! Really??

Thank God that i didn't have other plans for spring break, i mean i didn't want to relax and enjoy the only time off i get all semester! and i certainly didn't want to see my friends or husband who i don't get to see as much as i would like!

ok that was my rant for the day, and i really do not mind being a student, and God has called me to this but, really??


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

and i didn't skip class today!

I have a bad habit! the last two wednesdays i have skipped my class because it drives me crazy and gets on my nerves. I have just one class on wednesday and it's in the afternoon. I thought i would love this schedule, but it is not that fun. mostly because i dislike this class. My professor sends out notes for us a day in advance, and it's word for word what he says in class. really!! so sitting there and following the notes is kind of boring! so i wind up sitting there and reading blogs, playing games online and updating facebook. not a bad way to spend an hour and fifteen minutes. But see the issue is that it's the only reason i have all day for getting out of my pajamas and leaving the house. So i usually have to be dragged to school on Wednesdays. But today i went because i figured we have spring break beginning after i'm done with class tomorrow.

I also had a take home midterm to do today! it got sent out yesterday and we had to do it whenever we wanted to but we could only spend and hour and fifteen minutes working on it. it's not due until friday afternoon, but i went ahead and did it so i could take it to school with me tomorrow!! it feels good to get it out of the way! now the next assignments i have due are for after spring break! so i have a whole week off to get things done. i need to work really hard to get them out of the way so that i can go camping with some friends next weekend, but i think i can do it. we'll see anyway! i basically have 2 other take-home exams to finish, and one of them is 30 pages or so! NOT cool, but i'm going to work hard to get them out of the way!

ok hope you are having as productive a wednesday as i am, because not only did i finish a midterm, i also made spaghetti for dinner, did dishes and made sweet tea. i know i'm up for wife of the year next week!

so bye for now!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

so tired, must last until Thursday evening...

today is Tuesday and i have two full days until spring break begins. i have been totally worn out this week. I think it was because of how awesome our weekend off was, because i am not motivated to get anything done. I had a paper due today and i totally reworked an old paper so that i didn't have to do it from scratch.

Tonight we made frozen pizza, and caught up on the DVR. There are very few shows that i watch and Audie enjoys (see yesterdays discussion if you need proof of my TV tastes and why Audie is not a fan) But one show that we do watch is Chuck, a funny show about a spy (or accidental spy). It's great TV, and we DVR it on Monday night and watch it on Tuesday because there is a lot that we watch on Mondays. We also are watching the gold medal game from Hockey. I know the whole olympics are over, but i still have some stuff on the DVR. But unfortunately i found out the results Sunday. Audie specifically wanted to watch this game and told me not to delete it. so i kept it and we decided to watch it tonight.

Well a combination of a game that i already know the final score, and my tiredness i just took an hour nap on the couch during the game, and now i just want to go to bed. But am i better off for napping instead of killing myself to finish my reading for this week? most definitely!! I figure if you are tired enough to sleep with a hockey game going on in your living room you need the rest!

ok i hope you all are doing better than me, but i'm happy to have two days until spring break, a forecast of snow for tonight that won't be a big deal hopefully and only 25 more days of class for me!!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh Lordy!!

well there you go. I want everyone to stop giving me all these clues to how these things turn out! seriously i do NOT want to know about any spoilers AT all from now on!! because i want to be surprised when all these reality shows end. this might seem kind of disjointed, but it's my impressions of things happening as i was watching.

so we all know that i'm not a Vienna fan, but Jake picked her anyway, which sucks!! but i love that Tenley had so much class when she left. I know that if Vienna was sent home she would be pitching a fit! i just wanted Tenley to win so badly, that i was sad that she went home. and honestly if he had chosen Vienna then i would still be happy for the other girl, but i can't be happy when it is Vienna. I really think they won't stay together. Also: on the wings of love has got to be the cheesiest title and song EVER!!

Next week is Molly and Jason's wedding and i will totally be watching! i did NOT like Jason for doing Melissa wrong like that, but i didn't hate Molly. I would have been totally fine if he had just picked her from the get go, but he was a jerk to Melissa, but now they're both happy and stuff, but he still shouldn't have been a jerk! But i'm happy to watch them get married on TV, i watched Trista and Ryan get married like 6 years ago, so i need to make sure i don't miss this one!

SO excited about Dancing with the Stars!!! loving that Kate Gosselin is going to be on, i don't necessarily think she's going to do well, but you know i love me some Kate + 8 (not jon!!)!! Also i'm excited about Erin Andrews, she seems really sweet! and i love Evan lysachek (however you spell it) He's an olympian and i loved him, and he's so sweet!! So excited, i hope they all get good dancers, because let's face it that's a big part of who wins and who doesn't! I do think that Jake is going to be the crappiest dancer EVER and he should get kicked off for pure cheese and karma, i will NOT be voting for him! Well i don't usually vote for people because i don't want to waste text messages on that kind of thing, but i might have to start so i can send him home!

I also watched the after the final rose show, and i'll just say that Jake and Vienna both are getting on my nerves!! She talks through her nose all the time, and i think that she is slightly cross eyed and it was bothering me all season, and I asked Audie and he saw/hear both of these things, so it's not just my opinion. And her hair is all fake extension looking (ironically like Kate G.'s new hair) she needs to give up the long locks and just go for a shorter do, it'd be so much cuter.

And i totally called that Ali would be the new bachelorette!! i told my friend Sarah when she went home i wanted her not to come back just so that she could be the next person on the show. It's going to make some awesome summer TV that's for sure!!

alright enough ranting and raving for now, but you know you love to hear my pointless updates on what is going on in reality tv land.