Tuesday, March 2, 2010

so tired, must last until Thursday evening...

today is Tuesday and i have two full days until spring break begins. i have been totally worn out this week. I think it was because of how awesome our weekend off was, because i am not motivated to get anything done. I had a paper due today and i totally reworked an old paper so that i didn't have to do it from scratch.

Tonight we made frozen pizza, and caught up on the DVR. There are very few shows that i watch and Audie enjoys (see yesterdays discussion if you need proof of my TV tastes and why Audie is not a fan) But one show that we do watch is Chuck, a funny show about a spy (or accidental spy). It's great TV, and we DVR it on Monday night and watch it on Tuesday because there is a lot that we watch on Mondays. We also are watching the gold medal game from Hockey. I know the whole olympics are over, but i still have some stuff on the DVR. But unfortunately i found out the results Sunday. Audie specifically wanted to watch this game and told me not to delete it. so i kept it and we decided to watch it tonight.

Well a combination of a game that i already know the final score, and my tiredness i just took an hour nap on the couch during the game, and now i just want to go to bed. But am i better off for napping instead of killing myself to finish my reading for this week? most definitely!! I figure if you are tired enough to sleep with a hockey game going on in your living room you need the rest!

ok i hope you all are doing better than me, but i'm happy to have two days until spring break, a forecast of snow for tonight that won't be a big deal hopefully and only 25 more days of class for me!!


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