Saturday, May 1, 2010

what a day!

This morning we went over to our new apartment to sign the lease, clean it all up and take some measurements and just generally get ready to move in there. I was hoping to have some stuff in boxes to take on over there, but in the midst of finals and whatnot stressing me out it just didn't happen.

So we toted our cleaning supplies and not much else so that i could wash the windows, spray down the cabinets, makes sure the bathrooms were clean and the floors swept, mopped and vaccumed before we brought all our dirt in. Is that weird? do other people do that or not? I know the apartment people sent in professional cleaners and whatnot, and i'm not normally a neat freak about stuff. i guess i like knowing that once i set up my bed that the floor underneath has at least been vacuumed at least once.

Now for the good part: PHOTOS!!

Here is the outside: So cute!

The Kitchen! Loving the dishwasher!!

The view from the living room, the dining room area and kitchen, as well as Audie writing down some measurements!

The closets in our room, plus a small peek of the attached bathroom, it's tiny, but the bedroom is bigger than ours now, and the other bedroom is smaller by far.

This is the guest bathroom: it has a little bit of shelving in the corner, so we'll put a bit of our normal bathroom stuff in there.

lastly this is the laundry area: it's upstairs in the landing from the stairs, between the two bedroom/bathrooms. I'm not so excited about getting the washer/dryer up the stairs, but i think it will be nice not to have to run laundry baskets and clean clothes up and down the stairs like we do now.

Overall i like the storage of this apartment more than ours, and the space is definitely bigger, but the storage is organized a bit different, so we're going to have to figure out how to shift some stuff around to make it work.

After cleaning the whole house we went to lunch, game stop (for video games that i get to play once i finish my finals) and big lots. Can i tell you that i love that store!! I got a shower curtain liner and good shower curtain rings for like 6 dollars, Audie got some headphones and we browsed for some new furniture for our place, maybe after his big raise we can get some! I am totally going there for anything we need ahead of target or walmart from now on! one thing we didn't find, a bathroom rug that ties in all our colors for our guest bedroom.

After our errands we went back home so i could work on my second final! ugh, i'm getting pretty tired of all this, but i'm hitting a good spot right now, i have about a page and a half before i'm done with this one, and then i have to start on the next one! But i'm hoping to slow down a bit. My next final is three questions with 7-10 pages per answer, so i'm hoping to do one question each on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It's not due until Wednesday afternoon, so i have some wiggle room if i hit another hard spot.

Ok i need to keep writing, i'm not sleeping until i finish these last 1.5 pages, and i'm pretty tired after cleaning and everything today.

Hope you had a productive saturday, i'm glad this is the last one i'll be doing homework!! Sorry for the long posts, but i have to keep my fans (amber, it's plural!) happy and they requested pictures!


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