Thursday, May 6, 2010

first day of real summer

So since yesterday was a celebration day (by the way i had a blast last night for Cinso de Mayo!) i woke up this morning and did very little. I watch DWTS earlier in the week but never really shared my thoughts. I agreed with the judges that everyone did really well! I'm still pulling for Erin and Evan, though Neicy makes me laugh so hard i want her to stay too!! Chad and Pam I'm kind of indifferent to, and nicole is really good i just don't want her to win. SO i was glad to see Pam go i guess 'cause that means that none of my people went home, though i was really nervous for Erin being in the bottom 2.

Today i started to pack some stuff up. We have two huge closets that we only use for storage because we don't have an attic, and i cleaned them out today. As I was clearing them out i sorted through everything and made one big stack in the upstairs closet of stuff for the yard sale. Then i packed up what was left to take to the new house. Tomorrow or Sunday i'm going to try and tackle my clothes. I have so many, and our new closets in our bedroom are much bigger than the ones we have now, so i'm hoping to edit my wardrobe to get rid of the 'college' look and only keep the stuff that i wear and love. But i'm hoping to edit down so that all my clothes will go on hangers in my closet, and i'll just have to rotate for winter, rather than totally pack and unpack all my clothes twice a year, it's such a hassle. So no we have a big ol pile of stuff going to the new apartment on Saturday.

Audie is working so i'm going to go over with him and unpack and then search a few thrift stores for some furniture and visit our new community's yard sale, which is this Saturday too. I'm looking for a pantry-type cabinet to store excess kitchen stuff in because we're downgrading in cabinet space, and a dresser/buffet for the living/dining area. I've been looking for a while, and we're trying to find something that isn't too expensive, but so far we haven't had much luck at the thrift store in durham.

Well that's all for now, i'm sure you are all glad that i'm no longer talking about my finals and junk that i have to do for school! I know i am!!


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