Sunday, May 16, 2010

hi there, did you miss me?

Sorry it has been a WEEK since i have last posted but we have had a LOT going on.

Graduation weekend meant preparing for 12 family members to descend on our house, going through the ordeal of making sure everything went smoothly when i am the hostess, and getting everyone to everything on time and together.

It was a really stressful weekend, mostly because i let myself get stressed when there is no reason to be, like when the plan get suddenly changed around. But now almost everyone is back home safely, my sister and bro in law leave tomorrow morning but that all that is left.

I can't possibly update you guys on everything but hopefully over the next few days i can catch you up. In addition to the busy weekend we have had, we also are moving our big furniture this weekend and hoping to be staying in our new place come saturday night, and have two more house guest coming in tomorrow night.

So slowly i'll catch you guys up and then get busy again!

But for now it's just exciting that 3 years of hard work have paid off!! AND i got the best grad gift from my hubby!! I got a Kindle!!! I love it so much it's ridiculous!!! Again i'll have to have a separate post about it i love it so much!

Hope you have had a great week! I've been behind, but now i'm ready to catch up to what everyone has been doing!!


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