Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yard Sale results

so our yard sale started early, I arrived around 7ish and we hoped for folks to be there around 8, and luckily most people respected that pretty well which was nice. it was a hot day, but we were sitting in the shade until almost noon, but that didn't keep me from being sunburned a little bit. we sold about 1/2 of the stuff we had, and i was really happy with that.

some things that i would do differently - i would not put an end time to our sale. The signs we put up and ads we put on craigslist had that we were done at 12, and people didn't really see/care about that. and i would have been out there a bit longer in the day if that meant that we had made more money. In fact we made almost 200 dollars and we pretty much shut down around 1, so if we had stayed then we might have made more, but danny and amber were done, and they were the folks whose yard we were in.

I also would have not priced anything! i found that people were more interested when things didn't have a price on them, and then they would bargain with you a little bit. and they didn't do that as much when things had prices. especially with the bigger stuff. it also would have been a lot easier on our end.

Ok so i'm sunburned, tired but i have 200 dollars in my pocket!


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