Tuesday, May 4, 2010

five pages!

I have 5 pages down on this last question and just 2 left to write!! I'm not going to bed tonight until i'm done because i have big plans for tomorrow, and really that's all that is keeping me going on this exam!!

Audie is off tomorrow and i'm so glad to be able to spend the day with my husband for the first time not having school hanging over my head!! This may be kind of dramatic, but our entire marriage has been a cycle of semesters it seems like, and counting down how many more days i have left until school starts back again! So i'm so happy to get to spend a day not worried about how much longer i have of school!!

We're going to have breakfast together, i'm hoping for muffins, but we may just do pancakes and bacon 'cause we have the time to do it! then we're just going to enjoy the day doing all kinds of things! The biggest plans we have is to get together with some great friends of our for Mexican food because it's also Cinco de Mayo and all of us will be done with our finals at that point. I'm so excited to have a margarita or more!!

Ok got to get back to this big bad final, i'm so close i can taste it!!!


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