Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally Done!!

We finally turned in our keys and are officially moved out of our old apartment in Durham!!! After a crazy weekend we ended it by going to our old apartment to clean it up, which meant sweeping and mopping the floors as well as cleaning out the food from the fridge and doing the bathrooms! After about an hour or so we were done which was nice. We also took some pictures of the place so that if they for some reason decided to stiff us our security deposit we could figure out why and see if we had recourse. We'll see what happens.

Of course our awful apartment complex wouldn't have felt like home if it didn't come with some frustration today! We were supposed to turn in our keys by noon on Monday, which is officially when our lease is up, but since it was a holiday (and Audie and i didn't want to make a special trip tomorrow when we were done today) i called on Friday to see if they were closed and if we could turn in our keys on Sunday. The lady said that they were closed on Sunday too, but that we could put them all in an envelope and put them in the drop box whenever we wanted before tuesday morning. Ok sounds like a plan right?? well we get there all ready to turn in our keys and there's no drop box!! Of course!!!

SO we called the emergency maintenance number, which is the only way that you can talk to an actually human when the office is closed. The guy said that we could leave it in the mail box beside the door or wait 45 minutes for him to get there. I looked at the mail box and said "you mean the one that says: free brochures take one??" you want me to leave an envelope with 3 keys to our apartment with a label on it to what place it goes to for anyone to come on and get it and go into our property??? " Yeah that's not a great idea friend!!! Well after i put it that way he said that we could put it in the mail slot in the maintenance shed. Ok much better.

So we'll see if they burn us on this after the fact. we left them a message in the office so that they would know that is what we did with them and we'll see if they like that solution or not.

So after all that drama : i took a 3 hour nap and started dinner - steak, baked potatoes and salad - yummy!!

Hope you have a great weekend and holiday tomorrow. Audie has to work tomorrow but hopefully will be able to come home early if things are really slow, which they should be.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yard Sale results

so our yard sale started early, I arrived around 7ish and we hoped for folks to be there around 8, and luckily most people respected that pretty well which was nice. it was a hot day, but we were sitting in the shade until almost noon, but that didn't keep me from being sunburned a little bit. we sold about 1/2 of the stuff we had, and i was really happy with that.

some things that i would do differently - i would not put an end time to our sale. The signs we put up and ads we put on craigslist had that we were done at 12, and people didn't really see/care about that. and i would have been out there a bit longer in the day if that meant that we had made more money. In fact we made almost 200 dollars and we pretty much shut down around 1, so if we had stayed then we might have made more, but danny and amber were done, and they were the folks whose yard we were in.

I also would have not priced anything! i found that people were more interested when things didn't have a price on them, and then they would bargain with you a little bit. and they didn't do that as much when things had prices. especially with the bigger stuff. it also would have been a lot easier on our end.

Ok so i'm sunburned, tired but i have 200 dollars in my pocket!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

quiet week

So this week has been really quiet so far, i've been slowly working on getting stuff unpacked, but not too worried about it because we have to still move the last of the stuff from the old apartment. But audie is off tomorrow and that is the plan for all day, to work on getting the yard sale stuff priced and to our location, my friend danny's house. and then we're going to work on packing up our other stuff and cleaning the old apartment so that it's ready for us to move out! this may wind up beign a two day project because we're going to have to stay the night there on friday for our yard sale.

Other than making all those plans and working on getting stuff done around here there isn't much else going on. i watched the DWTS finale this morning, I'm so sad that Nicole won, but i kind of expected that to happen. She was ahead in points, but i still wanted erin or evan to win!! sad day that they didn't. I've also been just catching up on some DVR, enjoying my life when it's not involved in school and all the crazyness of that!

Sorry my life isn't more interesting, but we're kind of in the middle of some things around here!


Monday, May 24, 2010

first day in our new place!!

Oh my goodness this weekend was crazy!!! We packed and brought everything to the new place, then yesterday we went back to durham to get the rest of our crap!! We had this really ambitious plan to get it all in both our cars and finish it all in one day, it didn't really happen that way, unfortunately! but we did get two cars full of stuff to get back to Raleigh. We also got the rest all downstairs and ready to go for the next time we head over there again.

Audie is off on thursday so we're going back over there (we're skipping the DMV this week, so i'm a GA driver for another week or so!) we'll price and get everything sorted for our yard sale for saturday and take it over to the place we're having it. Then we'll be working on packing up that last little bit of stuff and cleaning up the old apartment. We're going to stay over there one last night on Friday, because the yard sale is going to get going EARLY and we don't want to have to drive over there too early. Audie has to work on Saturday so he's going to just come and be my bodyguard for the night and then he'll head off to work. After the yard sale i hope that we'll be able to turn in our keys and our parking passes for the old place and be done with it.

For that to happen we have to have someplace to put all that other stuff, our place now is full of boxes and stuff! So today I worked on grocery shopping so we could have something to eat and doing laundry since i hadn't done it in a while. I also ran the dishwasher, and all of a sudden it started leaking all over the floor!!! I have no idea what happened other than that, but the maintenance man came right over and worked it out! now all is well again! minor crisis, but not too big a deal. As of now the kitchen is basically all unloaded, and i'm going to go work on our bedroom in a few moments, and we have something planned to eat all week so we're good to go for now, just a matter of unloading the boxes that are everywhere!!

hoping to work on that all week and then working on the old place on the weekend! then hopefully we can relax and chill for the rest of the summer, after a huge month of lots of stuff going on!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

ugh, ugh and ugh again

we're done moving the big mother load of stuff!! Our friends James and Sarah helped us (thank GOD!! we couldn't have done it without them!!!) really it only took us about 5 hours all total to do the whole thing, and we're all committed to paying people next time around! We got finished carrying the furniture inside the new place around 3 o clock or so, we went and took the truck back, unloaded our cars by about 4. Then Audie and i just wanted showers and the ability to lay down!! So we each rinsed off all the pounds of sweat from the day, and then chilled out for a bit.

We went to Home Depot to get an adaptor for our dryer so that we can actually plug it in so it will work (kind of important) and then ate Five Guys for dinner!! Yummy! but then we just came home and tried to get as settled as possible. We have our bed together (very important after a long day of moving!) and the TV hooked up and all the video games ready ( very important to my husband) and i unloaded kitchen stuff as much as i could. We have a TON of boxes everywhere, but the essentials are done, we can shower, sleep and watch TV, and that's all that really matters at this point!

Tomorrow Audie and I have sworn that we are going over to Durham, taking both our cars and not coming back until our entire apartment is empty of everything we're taking to Raleigh!! Audie is working on Saturday (that's the day of our yard sale, i'd say that is pretty convenient) so he has a day off this week and we'll head over there again and sort through the yard sale stuff and take it to our location hopefully! as well we're going to try to clean the place up enough that we can leave it that way! Also on his day off we want to officially change our driver's licenses!!! AKK!! i'm NOT excited about losing my GA license for a NC one!! That makes it official that i'm not a Georgian anymore, but a real north carolinian!

Ok i'm done for now, lots of fun stuff going on, pretty beat up and tired, going to bed soon and then to keep working to get our house all ready!! i promise that the 'after' pictures are going to come along sooner or later (i'm hoping sooner at this point)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

another houseguest

Our friends who have been staying with us signed a lease today at their place, so they are not staying at the hotel de our casa anymore. Not that we needed them to go anywhere anytime soon, but i'm glad they found something. I packed some more stuff up today and just recognize that we may have to leave some stuff here and just come back for it later. I have to just get over the thought that we'll have all our stuff with us on Saturday when we get the big truck. But we're ok with that, we have our current place until the 30th, and we want to just drop off the keys the weekend before that and be totally out of here. But I ran out of boxes and tape today, so we'll have to empty some boxes out in the new place to have something to pack the rest of our stuff in.

Today another friend is staying with us so that she can do a quick look for some apartments around here too. She's starting the div. school in the fall and is moving from atlanta. So all us used to be georgians are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate all the new places, and new school and all that!!

So sorry i've not got other stuff to report, but we're working on getting our lives packed up still, and moving is a hard process so we'll chat after all that is done!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally feels like we're moving

I've spent the last two days packing like crazy!! I finally have the whole living packed up and ready, most of the kitchen (we still have to cook and eat here for a few days or it would be all done) and what needs to be in boxes from our bedroom and some from the bathroom. Audie took a whole load over to the new place today, and he'll take another load the next day and the next if he has to.

2 of our good friends are staying with us for a few days while they figure out where to live in Durham. They are staying in our office, so it's going to have to wait to be packed up until after they leave on Wednesday/Thursday. It's not going to be too tough though because it's mostly just putting books in boxes and stuff. Also we're going to have to dismantle all our furniture and get ready for Saturday. That's when we have to pack all our big furniture in the u-haul and take it over to the new place. Then it will just be a matter of coming back to get any small things that we left over here.

But it finally feels like we're moving because we have things in boxes!! I'm not going to keep putting off giving ya'll the update of the weekend and stuff, but i'm just so into packing and stuff that i just can't think about anything else.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

hi there, did you miss me?

Sorry it has been a WEEK since i have last posted but we have had a LOT going on.

Graduation weekend meant preparing for 12 family members to descend on our house, going through the ordeal of making sure everything went smoothly when i am the hostess, and getting everyone to everything on time and together.

It was a really stressful weekend, mostly because i let myself get stressed when there is no reason to be, like when the plan get suddenly changed around. But now almost everyone is back home safely, my sister and bro in law leave tomorrow morning but that all that is left.

I can't possibly update you guys on everything but hopefully over the next few days i can catch you up. In addition to the busy weekend we have had, we also are moving our big furniture this weekend and hoping to be staying in our new place come saturday night, and have two more house guest coming in tomorrow night.

So slowly i'll catch you guys up and then get busy again!

But for now it's just exciting that 3 years of hard work have paid off!! AND i got the best grad gift from my hubby!! I got a Kindle!!! I love it so much it's ridiculous!!! Again i'll have to have a separate post about it i love it so much!

Hope you have had a great week! I've been behind, but now i'm ready to catch up to what everyone has been doing!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting ready

After a weekend of packing and getting stuff done at the new apartment i knew that this week i would need to work on getting our apartment in Durham ready for all our family to arrive this weekend. This week is cleaning focused, because there is no one that you clean more for that when your mom and grandma come to visit!! What is it about that? I just want to clean the whole house so they can see how i'm a real adult, that is capable of turning all the chores they made me do all the time into real skills of keeping up my own house! Does that ever go away? I'm not sure that it does.

So yesterday I went through each room and cleaned up by straightening (which is the worst chore by far to me!) There are always papers and random things that make their way to the shelves, table tops, dresser tops, nightstands, and every other flat surface that need to be put away, thrown away and taken care of. Then I packed away all that stuff that has to make it to the new apartment and it making clutter in our current place.

I also packed up all my clothes, going through each one and getting rid of a lot for the yard sale that don't fit or I just don't wear anymore, i am hoping to build my wardrobe up with professional clothes for work and i had some things to get rid of. I kept out what i needed for the next week or so. I have about 6 pairs of shoes left out and one suitcase full of clothes left. Audie took all my clothes that we left (a huge rubbermaid tub full) and shoes (another tub full) over to the new place.

I also got my hair cut! It's a lot shorter than it was before, but i haven't gotten a hair cut since January and probably won't get another one for a while so i decided to make it count. I got it done in a place in Burlington - which is about a 45 minute drive from here, and 1 hour 15 from our new house, so that's a bit far to drive for a haircut. It was an Aveda Salon, so it staffed by the people that teach or have gone to the Aveda School in Chapel Hill (i may go there next time, it's closer, supposed to be cheaper and my friend Danielle is going there so hopefully she'll have a good experience, and can tell me all about it.) But either place, you get a mini relaxation session (a mini facial, scalp massage or hand massage) SO nice!!! The lady that cut my hair actually is a supervisor at the school, so she is more expensive than others, I paid 40 dollars for a shampoo, mini facial, cut and style. Which is pretty good price, it's a ton cheaper than the other places i have found in Durham for sure!! My friend Sarah went with me and she only paid 25 because her guy had only been out of school since August, and he did a great job too!

Today on the plan is to do dishes and Laundry, including washing sheets for our guests, dusting the whole place (we really need this to be done!!) and cleaning the stove top/counter tops and table tops around the house!

Ok got to get going so i don't spend the WHOLE day doing that, got to have time to relax and enjoy my summer too!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Just wanted to do a quick post and give a shout out to all my mommy friends/family. Most of whom don't read this blog at all!! But at the same time I want to take the moment to praise God for how he takes care of those that aren't yet mothers, who have lost their moms, and who have lost children, as well as those that had moms that weren't as great as they could have been. God is the parent that never disappoints us or lets us down and never ever forgets about us! My mom has always been an inspiration to me as the kind of mom and woman i want to be, but this day is a day of sadness to some people, and i want them to know that there is a God out there that loves all of us!

So today we called Audie's mom and my mom, but since we'll be seeing them and all our family next week we're giving out our cards and etc. then. we also went over to Raleigh to the new apartment to take another load of stuff. Some of our family is going to stay there when they come up, so we needed to make sure it was ready for them, i.e. had to have towels, shower curtains, and TP over there. So we had to make a run to the dollar tree and target to pick up some extra things (we needed them anyway) but as we were in target we found the perfect dresser for our living room!! It looks a lot like this, but i couldn't find the exact one on the website. We're going to put it against the back wall in our living/dining room, and put china, serving pieces, and linens for our dining room in it. We also got some cute end tables that match for really cheap (15 a piece) and then we got some cute canvas cubes to put under them for some storage!

I think it's going to look awesome!! I'm so excited about seeing everyone and graduating!! I have an appointment to get a haircut tomorrow and i'm packing more stuff. Tuesday and Wednesday are days set aside for cleaning up the whole house. Then Wednesday night my sister and her hubby are coming!!

I hope you guys all had a productive weekend, and i have a great recipe (though not great for you!) for you guys! It's SO easy and yummy!!

Easy Peach Cobbler

2 cans peaches (or any pie filling)
1 package Cake Mix any flavor
½ cup butter (1 stick)
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon Sugar

•Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
•Pour canned peaches or pie filling in a greased 9x11 pyrex dish.
•Evenly distribute cake mix over the top of the fruit.
•Cut the stick of butter into small pats and place across the top of the cake mix.
•Sprinkle the Cinnamon and Sugar evenly over the top.
•Bake for 30-40 minutes, serve with ice cream or alone.

I made it to take to a party last night, and i'm making it again this weekend to serve to my family! it's so yummy! and you can make it in a bigger pan with just adding more canned peaches!

Make it and enjoy!!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

great day

My second day of summer was just as good as the first one, i craigslisted some new dressers for our living room. One of them feel through because we can't fit it in our car and they can't hold it until the 22nd. Not good but we're not in a rush to get anything really. and we looked at our favorite thrift store and their stuff was was more expensive than we wanted, or was too little/too big. we're going to keep looking 'cause they get new stuff all the time.

Audie is at work today, it's his first time being in charge as Assistant Manager. Very exciting for him! I'm packing a little bit more today, and we're going to take a load over to the new apartment tomorrow. Monday - Wednesday will be devoted to cleaning our house and packing some more. I hope to have another load of stuff to go to the new place on Wednesday or so, and for our house to be cleaned for our families arrival.

We have 12 family members coming in for graduation weekend, luckily most of them are going to be in hotels! I'm really excited to see all Audie's and My family this weekend!! We have a ton of things planned that are kind of stressing me out, but i'm glad to have everyone here and to be graduating!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

first day of real summer

So since yesterday was a celebration day (by the way i had a blast last night for Cinso de Mayo!) i woke up this morning and did very little. I watch DWTS earlier in the week but never really shared my thoughts. I agreed with the judges that everyone did really well! I'm still pulling for Erin and Evan, though Neicy makes me laugh so hard i want her to stay too!! Chad and Pam I'm kind of indifferent to, and nicole is really good i just don't want her to win. SO i was glad to see Pam go i guess 'cause that means that none of my people went home, though i was really nervous for Erin being in the bottom 2.

Today i started to pack some stuff up. We have two huge closets that we only use for storage because we don't have an attic, and i cleaned them out today. As I was clearing them out i sorted through everything and made one big stack in the upstairs closet of stuff for the yard sale. Then i packed up what was left to take to the new house. Tomorrow or Sunday i'm going to try and tackle my clothes. I have so many, and our new closets in our bedroom are much bigger than the ones we have now, so i'm hoping to edit my wardrobe to get rid of the 'college' look and only keep the stuff that i wear and love. But i'm hoping to edit down so that all my clothes will go on hangers in my closet, and i'll just have to rotate for winter, rather than totally pack and unpack all my clothes twice a year, it's such a hassle. So no we have a big ol pile of stuff going to the new apartment on Saturday.

Audie is working so i'm going to go over with him and unpack and then search a few thrift stores for some furniture and visit our new community's yard sale, which is this Saturday too. I'm looking for a pantry-type cabinet to store excess kitchen stuff in because we're downgrading in cabinet space, and a dresser/buffet for the living/dining area. I've been looking for a while, and we're trying to find something that isn't too expensive, but so far we haven't had much luck at the thrift store in durham.

Well that's all for now, i'm sure you are all glad that i'm no longer talking about my finals and junk that i have to do for school! I know i am!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's finished! the dang exam i have been working on since Sunday morning (off and on with a study break after each paragraph) is DONE and that means that all the course work necessary for my Masters of Divinity is DONE!! And i finished before bed, which means i can enjoy my Cinco de Mayo plans with gusto!!

SO now pending all my grades coming back on Monday or so as C's or better (not really in danger of this, but i guess it's a possibility) i'll graduate! Which i'm really hoping happens because in a week and a 1/2 i'm having my whole family come up to watch be walk across a stage and damn it i better get a degree after the intense hard work i've put in the last three years!!

So for my graduation present - i don't ask much - but i want everyone who reads this blog to comment on this post! Come On i would love to know who has been following me (if any) through this journey! Maybe share what the biggest accomplishment of your life so far has been, because this takes the cake in my life (at least for now!)

But don't worry i'm not stopping blogging just because school is over, i still have plenty of material - like DWTS updates, moving to my new apartment and the hunt for new furniture that doesn't break the bank, starting my new job, ordination papers and going before the BOOM, all kinds of stressful fun awaits you readers!!

LOVE to you all! I'd like to thank all my friends and families for sure, your prayers and support in other ways have been so great throughout the last 3 years!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

five pages!

I have 5 pages down on this last question and just 2 left to write!! I'm not going to bed tonight until i'm done because i have big plans for tomorrow, and really that's all that is keeping me going on this exam!!

Audie is off tomorrow and i'm so glad to be able to spend the day with my husband for the first time not having school hanging over my head!! This may be kind of dramatic, but our entire marriage has been a cycle of semesters it seems like, and counting down how many more days i have left until school starts back again! So i'm so happy to get to spend a day not worried about how much longer i have of school!!

We're going to have breakfast together, i'm hoping for muffins, but we may just do pancakes and bacon 'cause we have the time to do it! then we're just going to enjoy the day doing all kinds of things! The biggest plans we have is to get together with some great friends of our for Mexican food because it's also Cinco de Mayo and all of us will be done with our finals at that point. I'm so excited to have a margarita or more!!

Ok got to get back to this big bad final, i'm so close i can taste it!!!


one more!

I just finished question 2, after a long day i'm going to bed finished, instead of with a few paragraphs left to write which makes me happier than last night! Alright, just one more question on this final left, and i have all day tomorrow to work it out! Here's hoping i can get up and get going to finish it up!

This last final seems like it is taking forever, but at least i'm not right up against my deadline and i have some time to sleep and take good breaks. That being said, these last few days, thursday through today spent writing is getting old real quick!! i think that if i weren't going to be done tomorrow i would really just be done!!

alrighty! time for bed, hopefully this time tomorrow i can say that i'm all finished with my M.Div!!! (or at least the course work of it, i'll still have to pass all my classes in order to graduate!)

prayers for a good day of work tomorrow!


Monday, May 3, 2010


last night at 12:30 i went to bed with 3 paragraphs left on my first question of this last final! I know i was supposed to finish it by going to bed but i was so close. i set my alarm to get up at 8:30 this morning so that i could finish up Question 1 and then get question 2 started. Well then i turned off the alarm this morning and slept instead. So then today i just finished the 1st one and now i'm starting on the second one, but i'm limiting my tv to just rewarding myself for writing paragraphs.

ok but i'm 1/3 done with this last final!! it's a good feeling, but i need to finish it up so i can have that great Wednesday i have planned!!

Also i took a study break to try out my new chi straightener! I LOVE it! I showered last night too, which i never do because my hair always is frizy gross the next day, but with my straightener it was no problem. 10 minutes after i plugged it in my hair was all straight and shiny!! so excited for the possibilities that this gives me!!

Ok love to all of you but i have to get to work if this thing is EVER going to be done!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Final number 3!

As tired as my facebook friends are of getting updates on my final progress, and as tired as you guys are of hearing how much i hate writing finals I am WAY more tired of writing them myself!!! I sent in my second final this morning and immediately began on my third one!

This one is a three question exam and we're suppose to answer the three case studies with a 5-7 page response and then a 2-3 page justification for that response. I'm shooting for the 5 and the 2, rather than writing three more 10 page papers i'm hoping for them to be more like 7! But in order to send in all three quesiton answers by Wednesday at 5 i'm hoping to tackle one question a day for today, tomorrow and tuesday! so far that's going alright. I got a good outline together for my first question by 2 and then started writing, with some good incentives by my DVDs of shows that i like, i have a bit more than 4 pages of the response right now, so i'm hoping to only have to write a bit more tonight. Then i can go on to finish up question 2 tomorrow and 3 on Tuesday. I really hope that means i'll be finished to enjoy waking up and spending the whole day Wednesday with Audie for the first time in forever without school work looming over my head.

i have cinco de Mayo plans to get Mexican food (and margaritas) to celebrate with my good seminary friends that night, but other than that and emailing in my final i have no plans for Wednesday!! then i can let myself enjoy my summer time!!

first on the agenda, moving enough stuff to the new apartment so that my house isn't a mess when my family comes for my graduation!! And of course sorting through it all to figure out what to sell at our yard sale, more and more things are getting put in that pile and i'm so excited to see how much money we make!!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

what a day!

This morning we went over to our new apartment to sign the lease, clean it all up and take some measurements and just generally get ready to move in there. I was hoping to have some stuff in boxes to take on over there, but in the midst of finals and whatnot stressing me out it just didn't happen.

So we toted our cleaning supplies and not much else so that i could wash the windows, spray down the cabinets, makes sure the bathrooms were clean and the floors swept, mopped and vaccumed before we brought all our dirt in. Is that weird? do other people do that or not? I know the apartment people sent in professional cleaners and whatnot, and i'm not normally a neat freak about stuff. i guess i like knowing that once i set up my bed that the floor underneath has at least been vacuumed at least once.

Now for the good part: PHOTOS!!

Here is the outside: So cute!

The Kitchen! Loving the dishwasher!!

The view from the living room, the dining room area and kitchen, as well as Audie writing down some measurements!

The closets in our room, plus a small peek of the attached bathroom, it's tiny, but the bedroom is bigger than ours now, and the other bedroom is smaller by far.

This is the guest bathroom: it has a little bit of shelving in the corner, so we'll put a bit of our normal bathroom stuff in there.

lastly this is the laundry area: it's upstairs in the landing from the stairs, between the two bedroom/bathrooms. I'm not so excited about getting the washer/dryer up the stairs, but i think it will be nice not to have to run laundry baskets and clean clothes up and down the stairs like we do now.

Overall i like the storage of this apartment more than ours, and the space is definitely bigger, but the storage is organized a bit different, so we're going to have to figure out how to shift some stuff around to make it work.

After cleaning the whole house we went to lunch, game stop (for video games that i get to play once i finish my finals) and big lots. Can i tell you that i love that store!! I got a shower curtain liner and good shower curtain rings for like 6 dollars, Audie got some headphones and we browsed for some new furniture for our place, maybe after his big raise we can get some! I am totally going there for anything we need ahead of target or walmart from now on! one thing we didn't find, a bathroom rug that ties in all our colors for our guest bedroom.

After our errands we went back home so i could work on my second final! ugh, i'm getting pretty tired of all this, but i'm hitting a good spot right now, i have about a page and a half before i'm done with this one, and then i have to start on the next one! But i'm hoping to slow down a bit. My next final is three questions with 7-10 pages per answer, so i'm hoping to do one question each on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It's not due until Wednesday afternoon, so i have some wiggle room if i hit another hard spot.

Ok i need to keep writing, i'm not sleeping until i finish these last 1.5 pages, and i'm pretty tired after cleaning and everything today.

Hope you had a productive saturday, i'm glad this is the last one i'll be doing homework!! Sorry for the long posts, but i have to keep my fans (amber, it's plural!) happy and they requested pictures!