Sunday, January 31, 2010

still inside!

so last night we got another inch of snow, and today the sun came out. The sun is like death to snow, and it started to melt off of everywhere but the ground. So we went out and helped out the sun, by getting the big patches of snow off our cars so that if we went to school/work tomorrow we wouldn't have to do that before going.

Public schools and many colleges have closed tomorrow already, or are on delays. But not Duke, we're still supposed to have classes. If audie stays home i may stay home too, just because it's not worth it to go for my one class tomorrow if it's still this snowy.

So we're kind of preparing for work/class and really hoping we get a day off. Apparently campus has been cleaned up enough to walk around on the the walkways and drive on the roads, so i should probably go to class tomorrow. Mostly we have been just hanging out, watching TV, cleaning the house up a little bit. Playing some Wii and Playstation 3. same old same old. The only difference between this weekend and last weekend is that we didn't go to target/sam's/grocery store this afternoon. And church was canceled, so we didn't get there either.

Ok that's the daily report from Snowed in 2010!


Saturday, January 30, 2010


We woke up to 6-8 inches of snow! the reason we don't know exactly how much is because it is still sleeting/snowing outside and so it's still coming down! it is so awesome!! but we haven't gone outside, we're still just looking at it!! yay for a snow day, though i haven't gotten out of school for it. We're going to have muffins for dinner and have a good "roomate saturday" - that's where you don't shower, eat muffins for breakfast and then sit around watching tv all day!

see ya later!


Friday, January 29, 2010

let it snow!

We have a forecast for 1-6 inches of snow for this weekend, it's supposed to start tonight around 7, hopefully after Audie gets home from work. I am off on Fridays from classes so I was going to do a ton of homework today. I realized last night that in my sleepy haze i forgot to print the articles i need to read today. SO this morning i braved the 30 degree weather (not quite that bad, but it was cold, i wore my new red coat from target!) to go to the library to print out my stuff. Got that all done and figured that i should go on to the grocery store and get gas in my car.

Audie and i grocery shop nearly every weekend, but we only buy what we specifically need to cook that week. This works to keep our bill lower and we don't have a ton of random stuff in the cabinets (well not as much). but we normally shop on sunday afternoons, and apparently it's going to be bad this weekend, so I went ahead and bought our normal list. I will point out that i did not buy any extra 'snow food' like extra bread or milk. (though both of those things were on my list, and were getting low on the shelves.) except for hot chocolate! you can't have a snow day without hot chocolate!

So i'm really hoping that the snow lasts until monday to give us a snow day, but it's supposed to get above freezing and be sunny on monday so it will probably melt before tuesday. People about 2 hours north west of us are supposed to get 15 inches, lucky devils, but we won't get that much. the last time it snowed, a few weeks ago, we were forecast to have 1-3 inches and it all melted before we woke up! i'm just hoping i at least get to see some snow this time!

Ok i need to go get on that reading for next week's classes! i hope you all have good snow days too!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did i do what i said i would?

Well i did get both of my papers done and everything read for my classes this week, but i didn't keep my promise to myself to not stay up too late working on them. I worked on my first paper on Monday,and finished about half that night. then i finished the other half while in between classes. Tuesday night i started to go through the commentaries that i had photocopied from the library to use as sources. by the time i got done at 11 i had a good idea of how this sermon/paper was going to go but didn't know about how to format it.

So i emailed my professor my question and got the response i wanted, how i was planning on writing this thing was how she wanted us to do it. So that meant i could start working for real. So i got an outline together of exactly what I wanted to talk about in the sermon, and also what i wanted to mention in my exegetical notes (basically all the stuff that i learned through research, that may or may not impact the sermon directly, but is important background for me to know before preaching -this was where i had some trouble with formatting) But i got all my stuff outlined and wrote a 2 page description of my context for 'preaching' this sermon. (which actually will never be preached) and went off to class yesterday afternoon.

When i got home I sat down to really kick out the sermon and notes, but figured i should finish the sermon first because that is the point of the assignment and if the notes aren't good then it will be ok. I finished the sermon about 10 PM. yeah it took me 6 hours to write a 16 minute sermon. then i had to work on the notes, and that took about 4 hours. I basically did my writing part while i was in the groove and decided to do the footnotes of where i got my information in between classes the next day. It was 2 am when i got in bed and i was tired!

So today after lunch i finished off my notes by putting in the footnotes! that wasn't that bad and it's always the most tedious part of any paper so i usually make it wait until last. Well now i'm just trying to stay awake until my next round of classes. The two papers are all printed and stapled and ready to be taken off my hands.

tonight's plan: rest and relaxation! and dinner with some good friends of our at Elmo's (an awesome diner in Durham) (and i'm pumped because the friends are taking us to dinner!! it's a thanks for doing all you do kind of thing, so i'm not complaining.)

ok love to all!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the bachelor

Oh my gosh the drama was awesome. I love the dramatic music and the girls freaking out over everything!

So Jake our bachelor went on some good dates. Gia went on a one-on-one, and let me tell you the coverage of her date made me like her a lot more because she showed that she's not just a spoiled city girl but that she can camp and cook hotdogs on the campfire. I think that Jake really liked her, obviously he kept her around. I liked her a lot better, but i don't think that she will make it to the final two.

He also went on a two on one date, where two girls go on the date and one goes home and the other gets to stay. Jake surprised Ella and Kathryn by sending them both home because he didn't feel like there was a connection with either of them. I felt like they didn't have a connection with him, though they were both really sweet. I was surprised that they went home before some of the other girls but i got why he did it.

I was really surprised that Jake wanted to go ahead and send more girls home than he had to. he only had to send home one other girl since he sent two girls home already. BUT that being said, i think that Ashleigh and Jessie both didn't have as strong a connection with Jake as the others. So i think he was right to go ahead and send them home.

Now my thoughts on Vienna! so i don't really love her, but i think that the other girls need to just back off! let Vienna show Jake who she really is, and he's a smart guy and can figure it out, or he'll pay the price by being engaged to her. I think that Jake is starting to think that they don't have a connection but wants to spend more time thinking about it and spending more time with her. I wouldn't be surprised if she goes on a one on one this next week and goes home. the only thing that makes me not see that happening is that jake might not waste a one on one on a girl that he has already had one with.

Ok that's what that i think of all the drama!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

busy with homework!

So i'm breaking in my homework crazy weekend/week to say hi to everyone! i have two papers due this week on Thursday. One is actually a written sermon, but still is written so i figure it's the same as a paper. (and don't get me started on how it's only the first full week of school, since we had a holiday last week and a shortened week the week before) so i planned to read as much as i could for this week on friday and saturday so i could enjoy sunday and then work on these papers in the first few days of the week.

But i babysat on Friday afternoon and Saturday night, so i worked on homework all day sunday and more this morning. at this point i have one more article to read. I am planning on writing my first paper tonight while watching the bachelor (watching now and loving it so far, so much drama this season!)

Tomorrow i have a break in my classes when i'm going to read my commentaries for my sermon prep and the last article for my wednesday class. I hope to get a good start on my sermon on Tuesday evening and then continue to do good work on Wednesday morning and evening so that i'm done before bedtime! i am determined to not stress myself out like i did last semester. My plan for that is to give myself good boundaries with school work, and plenty of start time for my papers so that i can finish them without staying up until 2 the night before they are due.

ok, byee guys, i have gotten rid of my writer's block by going through this with you! hope you have a great week, and that this was a fantabulastic monday!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

this weekend

So thursday i was in class all day like normal, not too many exciting things going on there! friday i had off of classes and got to talk to one of my good friends on the phone, we hadn't done that in a while so it was good to hear from her. Then i went and babysat one of my fav. little girls. It was really fun because she is incredibly cute and sweet. I hardly ever have to get on to her. I picked her up from daycare and then we ate lunch, then went to the NC life and science museum. If you are ever in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill and have kids, or just want a fun place to go you should stop by. it's like Fernbank in Atlanta, with really fun exhibits, but it has a petting zoo, and a butterfly house, and life size dinosaur display. It's pretty cool. and it's not too expensive either. We are members of an association of science museums (when we went to huntsville last year we got the memberships because it was cheaper than paying full price to go tot the air and space museum) so we get in free anytime. The girl's parents are members too, so they go about once a week with her.

So after about an hour she was getting tired so we went back to her house for a nap (which she insisted she did not want to take or need, but she slept for 2.5 hours) I'm babysitting her again tonight. it was an easy afternoon and i made 60 bucks. Audie and i went out to eat last night and walked around target for a while, just to have something to do.

ok today- homework is on the course for today, until i babysit at five and i'll be doing more of the same tomorrow. the semester has hit for sure. I have 7 books that i have to read part of - which equals about 1000 pages of reading, and two papers due this week. NOT fun!!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what a wednesday!

Ok it wasn't that exciting, but i got you interested right?? please say yes!

So today i slept in, glorious, and had to go to class at 2:30. it is one of those classes that you have to listen and take notes the whole time. I realize that you would think that all classes are like that but we all know that they are not. but this class is pretty good, i like it so far. One thing that stresses me about this class is that i have to blog for it.

I know that it shouldn't stress me out, because i blog as a hobby. But it's not the same. We as a class have a private blog out in the world and we have to each post 2 times a week and respond to another person's blog. It's basically like us doing a reflection paper each class time, but everyone gets to read our thoughts about what we're reading and talking about in class. That stresses me out. I hate reflection papers, i think that they are just busy work for grad. students!! and i don't like the thought of people talking about what i'm posting. Not to mention there are 45 people in my class. that means 90 posts a week and 45 comments spread around. that's a lot to read, on top of all the other stuff we're reading for class. not fun!!

But other than class not much happened today. i made some creamy italian chicken and Fettuccine for dinner. one of my favorites! yummy. now i'm catching up on my DVR, and i blogged for class for the first time - wish me luck!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bachelor last night.

so i was too excited about the bachelor to wait through the day! i had a few moments in the midst of the day so i figured i would go ahead and post!

So michelle, wow i think she is really crazy!! she was like bipolar acting the whole time, or drunk the whole time one, both could be possible for sure! i was glad for her to go home, though i always think that the girls in the house spend way too much time thinking/worrying about the other girls than they do about their own selves. I didn't like her, and when she kissed Jake and then complained about the lack of passion in it she was like 'well why don't you just send me home' then Jake said "ok, well if you don't want to be here you should probably should go home then." I thought he handled it with grace and integrity, but it was shocking to send her home that way. but the other girls were certainly surprised of his actions.

Valisha- she was sent home and i could see that coming a mile away! the editing of the show didn't show much about her, which makes me think that she wasn't going to make it. that makes me worried for some of the other girls that haven't had a lot of air time too.

Elizabeth - the non-kisser. She had asked Jake NOT to kiss her until she is the last girl standing, and he knew that she was THE girl. But then she would say like 'i really want to kiss you' etc. and kind of be a tease about the whole thing. I think that she was doing this just to stand out in his mind and to have a gimmick that made her different. one of my friends on Facebook said she was disappointed because this was the only girl that showed any kind of morals and she got kicked off. BUT Jake asked her last night about this whole thing, and called her out for teasing him with the not kissing. he asked if this was out of religious beliefs and her face said that was no where in her reasoning, and she said of course not. AND her comedy club performance made her sound like a potty mouth, because they bleeped every other word. so overall i think she was just teasing him, or she knew that he'd be kissing all the other girls and really didn't want him to, but was regretting that choice. I think if she was really real about the whole thing, he would have respected it, but since she was wavering back and forth he got frustrated.

SO that's my thoughts about the events of last nights episode for what it is worth, probably not a lot. Other things going on today: not much, i have classes scheduled throughout the day so that means i have to be at school all day, which stinks!

Ok ta ta for now!


Monday, January 18, 2010

weekend update!

So i know i'm falling into my old patterns of not blogging frequently! i'm really sorry guys, but i was trying to get a jump on some homework for the coming week. I want to utilize my free fridays by reading for the coming week, before i get drawn into enjoying my weekend. But there was a wrench in that plan because Audie was off of work on Friday.

SO friday we did a TON of errands, we went to Target, the thrift store, WalMart, SAM's, the grocery store. It was so nice to fill our cabinets with food. We haven't gone grocery shopping in the last two weeks and we were scrapping the bottom of the barrel of our cabinets! That night we made reservations at a really nice hibachi place near our house. A friend of Audie's at work recommended it because it was good and fairly cheap. They had a early dinner special, so we ate at 6:00 and both got chicken, steak, shrimp, rice, veggies, soup and salad for $40 total, after drinks and tip. that's a good deal in my book!

Saturday i made up my friday off of homework by doing some reading. I got a good amount done because Audie was at work and out of my hair. At around 4 a friend of ours called. He and his wife wanted to go see a movie. We went to Carolina Ale House, a great sports bar. I had a great burger and fries, so yummy. We then went and split off to see different movies. The girls went and saw Leap Year, which was good, but i didn't love it. it was a pretty typical romantic comedy. I would say netflick, redbox, or rent it rather than going to see it in the theater. The boys went and saw Book Of Eli. Which they both loved! i think it was a good story line and had some unexpected things that kept you on your toes. It was not my kind of movie, so i won't be seeing it.

Sunday we had a lacy and quiet day, i read more on my homework and napped a bit. Audie was excited for the beginning of 24. again that show is not my cup of tea, so i spent my time continuing to read. I was reading a book for one of my classes that was so good i stayed up late to finish it. It was a novel called Jesus Land. It was pretty graphic and had some disturbing themes in it. i had a nightmare after staying up to read it, but it was still a good book, one of the best assignments yet.

Today i had my third job interview for chaplain jobs. This interview i think went well, and i wasn't surprised by too much. I did my internship last semester at this hospital, so i knew the people that were interviewing me and knew where i was going so i was a lot more calm and collected during the interview i think. But it was not really a surprising interview, because i knew what to expect. i didn't have to go on the tour and knew that the residency would just be very similar to my internship. I'm still just hoping for a good result in Feb. when they call and let me know what the results of these interviews are!

Ok this has been a really long post, but i needed to catch up! So tomorrow you can get my thoughts on the Bachelor, i'm just starting to watch it, so excited!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

new classes, new semester!

SO sorry i haven't posted in the last few days, but the new semester has hit! I am taking four classes this semester but not working so it is a different pace from last semester where i was only taking 2 classes, but had to work 20-30 hours a week at the hospital.

So the reading load was a surprise, many of my classes have a lot of reading to do! so i'll be jumping right in, but I'll have fridays off and i think i'll be able to read for the coming week on fridays. I will have to be very self-disciplined to get up and do that but i have done that other semesters so i think i'll be fine.

I was seriously considering taking three of the four classes pass/fail, but now that i have seen the syllabi for my classes i don't think i will. Two of the three i'm allowed to take pass/fail have pretty easy loads, so i think i can get an A or A- if i try really hard. the third i don't think i will fail it and i think i can pull at least a B, it will all depend on how difficult a grader the professor is. In the class there are 5 students, which i think will help because the professor will be able to get to know me personally. It's a preaching course as well which is not my comfort zone, but i got an A in my first preaching course. So overall i think i can handle all three without the pass/fail. and if i wind up getting a B or A/A- I can raise my GPA a bit.

the fourth class that i have is going to stretch me a good amount! i can't take that one pass fail, though i wish i could because i think it will be a difficult class!

anyway, it feels good to have my first few days under my belt! I have 50 class days until i'm done, so i'm excited!!



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

last day off of school!

I can't believe it but that is true! tomorrow is my last first day of school, the last day of a new semester i guess is more descriptive. Today is the last day of Christmas break, and while i will have days off every month or so, and actually i have every friday off of classes the next time that i have extended time off will be after graduation! ooohh wow! that's kind of crazy! but i think it's time, i've been in school since kindergarten so i'm ready to be done for good!

So an update on TV this week. yesterday evening we watched Chuck and it was awesome! audie got season one for Christmas and this friday i'm getting him season two for his belated birthday gift, so i can get all caught up on the show for this season. We watched it together for a majority of the first season, but then i got involved in the bachelor and dancing with the stars, which come on at the same time frame. Now with DVR our problems are solved! we love it! it was a great start to the season, though i'm looking forward to seeing what i missed over the season that i didn't watch.

We also watched Castle, which is another good series that we like to watch together. It's really funny and totally worth staying up until 11 to watch the whole thing. love it too!

So the drama was all over the Bachelor last night!! I love the girl, Ali that he took on the one on one date! i also love Tenley and Corrie, both (well all three) are such sweethearts! There are a whole lot of girls on the show that i think are sneaky and kind of slutty! i hate to say that about someone that i don't know, but that's all i can think when i see these girls making out with him and throwing themselves at him. The Rozlyn girl was one of them, so i'm glad that she got sent home! (and the drama with what an 'inappropriate' relationship entails- don't get me started! I'm not sure what that means she did, but she got sent home for having one with a staff person who was promptly fired! there you go) I was happy to see her go because she seemed really fake and didn't actually seem like she was that interested in dating Jake. The Michelle girl (who packed her stuff to go home when she didn't get a date with Jake this week, and then the other girls talked her out of going home - i mean if you want to go home, go for it, one less person competing for the guy if you ask me!) i don't like her either, i think she's a bit unstable! of course the show is probably editing it to be like that, but they only have stuff on film that you really do, so she set herself up for that one! there are some other girls that i just don't get a good feeling about, but can't really put my finger on why they don't sit well with me. Anyway, the 2 other girls that went home, i was kind of sad to see go, but i don't think that Jake had a huge connection with either one of them, and that's why they went home.

well i'm glad that you all care about how i feel about reality tv! i hope you like the updates! and hope that you have a great day too! I'm excited about getting lunch with a friend tomorrow before going to my class at 2:30 (also i'll give you the run down on which classes i'm taking tomorrow)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

i survived!

Ok I have officially become too old for lock-ins! I know i was so excited about going to the lock-in and it was so fun to see my friend and get to meet her youth and help her out. We stayed up until like 5AM, which was SO past my bedtime. It was really fun and when i got home at 10AM i felt right asleep (actually i fell asleep on the ride home) and stayed asleep until 1 then again from 4-7 then from midnight until noon today! i definitely recovered, but was a pill all day yesterday when i wasn't asleep. So i guess i can do about one a year or so, but any more than those and i'm not a happy camper.

Also i realize that being an on-call chaplain for a 24 hour shift (where many times you don't sleep most of the night) is like signing up to do lock-ins all year round! but i don't think it's quite THAT bad!!

So besides sleeping away most of the day nothing else really is going on, we stayed at home most of the day, but went out to grocery shop for this week so we can eat at home all week again. now i'm looking forward to a quiet night of TV with Audie.

This is one of my last quiet weekends for a while, because class starts back on Wednesday! i'm excited for sure! ready for May and graduation though!!

Ok i'll give you further updates as things get going this week!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday night!!

Hi ya'll,

Sorry you got a hiatus from my posting since tuesday, but really it's just been much of the same, very little going on! Today I went by the school and bought my books for my last semester of school! I was so glad to get that behind me and know that i'm starting my last semester. It feels so weird! but good too, of course. I also stopped by the hospital to see a couple from my home town that are up here having some surgery and treatments done for the husband's illness. It was really nice to see some folks from back home, and i'm sure seeing a familiar face was nice for them too.

Tonight Audie and I have big plans! (oh yeah are you getting excited??) We're going out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings! yummy, it's such a good place, they have awesome buffalo wings and i'm really excited because we are going with some good friends of ours. After that Audie is going to drop me off at a friend's church for me to chaperone a lock-in. My friend is the youth minister there and was really in a bind because she's been working really hard to get her ordination paperwork into her conference and she needed a hand, and i'm really excited. Maybe i should be more worried. wow that's big plans huh? i know we're exciting folks.

other than that we're not up to a lot. I babysat for a sweet little girl yesterday who's parents are hoping to adopt a new baby soon! so there's the update for what we have been up to, as little as that has been.

ok hope you guys have a great weekend!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

good interview and good tv!

So i told you guys i would keep you updated on my job search. I interviewed today at a hospital in our area. It is Number 3 on my list (of three) mostly because it is a 45 minute drive without traffic, and the route to get there gets a LOT of traffic! Well i wasn't too worried about this interview, but it went really well I think. More importantly i really enjoyed getting to see another hospital and see how another chaplaincy department does things. I actually think that i would like to work there if the commute wasn't as bad. BUT if i did work there next year we would probably move to Raleigh. mostly because there is no reason for both audie and i to drive 45 minutes to basically the same area of Raleigh. We could move and pay a little more in rent but only have about a 10 minute drive. Positives about this hospital that i realized today: free employee parking at the hospital, which the other two do NOT! the pay is actually better than the #2 hospital but not as much as #1. So after my interview at two places I think that i would be happy working at either place. I think i would be happy working at any of the three for sure so we'll see what God (and the selection committees) have in store.

On to good TV! i love the new seasons of reality and other TV that are starting up soon, or have just started! IF you know me at all you know i have an unnatural obsession with Television! so this weekend i watched the iron chef special with Michelle Obama (she was so stylish in a red/coral sun dress and green cardigan with a flower on it! say what you will about her husband or their politics, but that woman can dress!) And afterward I wound up watching Worst Cooks in America, which was really funny. It's a show about these people that CANNOT cook being taught how to cook by two food network chefs! hilarity ensues, because these people are really bad at this!! pretty good show, DVR it for sure.

the next show i have seen in the last few days was the bachelor! I definitely watched watched the last few seasons, and Jake is a pretty cute bachelor for the show ( i mean some of those guys are NOT attractive) but his personality gets on my nerves! I know that he gets some flack from ladies about being a good guy, but i don't think that's what bothers them Jake, i think it's that you are a goody goody and are kind of wimpy guy. i think that good guys don't always finish last, but i think that most women (myself included) like a good guy that is a man's man, and can have the nerves to stand up to us or for themselves. i think Jake has that, but not enough of it is on the surface for women to see it. But he doesn't get on my nerves enough to not watch the show (though i know that Lyndsay at fluffy, famous and fashionable has decided not to watch this season because he's so annoying!) ANYway, the girls overall were nice, I really liked some of them, but others i thought were kind of skanky, too slutty or were downright crazy! as usual the bachelor did not keep or get rid of all the girls that i wanted him to keep or get rid of, but he kept some of them that i wanted and got rid of some of the crazies. Though there are some girls that i cannot wait to see what drama they will start. overall i think that Jake will see through some of the crap and get a really good girl out of the deal. I also loved the 'this season on the bachelor' scenes because they showed a good bunch of trash talking, drama from the ladies, including some secrets, women who are having relationships while being on the show (not sure how that happens?) and a girl that possibly leaves, al la Ed from last season! I'll keep watching for sure! and I like the DVR so i can fast forward through the oodles of repeating what happened last week and recapping during the show!

OK so after the bachelor aired a new crappy reality show called conveyor belt of Love, I watched, I laughed, I loved it!! it was so cheesy and kooky it was hilarious!! so on this show a conveyor belt parades 30 or so guys in front of 5 single ladies who have signs. The guys get 30 seconds to present themselves in whatever way they wanted to the girls. (some got really creative, some fell flat, there were magic tricks and other craziness present!) the ladies then get to hold up a 'interested' or 'not interested' sign! if they are the only one that is interested the guy goes and stands in a box with her name on it. if there are multiple women interested then the guy decides which girl he wants to go out with and goes and stands in her box. If none of the girls are interested then the conveyor goes on it's way, with the guy on it. AND if a girl wanted to 'upgrade' their guy from their box for another one they could! at the end of the parade o' guys the girls go off on a date with the guy in their box. It was really funny/ cute to see these guys working hard to get and keep a date with their lady! Overall a pretty good crappy reality show! right up my alley!!

Ok i think that's enough for now guys! expect more updates as the job hunt keeps going, and as spring tv gives me more fun things to share with you! also i'm excited because Audie is picking up chicfila for dinner on his way home (yes we ate that on saturday again, but come on it's amazing!!)



Monday, January 4, 2010

just another (not so) Manic Monday!

Ok so my life right now is pretty much one day like the next for now. This weekend Audie worked on Saturday to make up for his sick day he took on Tuesday. Which means that his paycheck won't suffer by taking that day off as much. but he wound up only working half a day, which doesn't help the paycheck as much, but it is nice that he didn't have to work all day!

I did some laundry this weekend, we had some friends over for dinner on Friday night, and we watched a movie with them. I also finally took my winter clothes out to be sorted and pack up my fall clothes. If I had a million dollars one of the things i would do is get a large enough closet to never have to do this! I HATE going through my winter clothes and putting away my short sleeve stuff, because weather is such a finicky thing that it never stays cold or hot for long. So i haven't needed heavy sweaters just yet this year, but I also don't think that days where i can wear a short sleeve + cardigan are gone for the year either! does anyone else hate this chore? i put it off every year until I can't stand it anymore.

In other news: Audie and I went out for a free date (don't get too excited) on Saturday night. I was getting a bit stir crazy from not getting out of the house except for to go to the UPS shipping office (story for later!!) So we went to Target and just window shopped, didn't cost a dime, but i got to look around which helped me not go crazy! And then we took a Chic-fil-a gift card and two coupons and got dinner to go, it was awesome to eat out (we've been staying in to save money after the holidays) and not spend any cash.

so today i have to trek to the UPS shipping office again. It's a really long story but basically UPS tried to deliver a package to us on the 24th, and then didn't try again. finally Thursday we called and asked them to just hold it at the shipping office until we came and picked it up. Well Thursday I went over there, only to realize that they were closed for New Year's Eve. I talked to a man there and he said it was basically impossible for them to find my box while i waited. But i could come back on Monday. Well i got a phone call today (at the butt crack of dawn) and they told me that they had located my box and it was all ready for me to come and get it. Thank you very much! (not really!) thanks for nothing!

ok now that my frustrations are aired I can enjoy my day of doing very little, and will be going to the UPS place again to finally finish receiving all my christmas gifts!

Hope your monday is going well!!


Friday, January 1, 2010

first day of the new year!

Hello 2010! I'm glad to see this year come because in May I ill be graduating from Div. School and hopefully for the last time! It's a milestone I've been waiting for since my first day here, ready to move into the work force and 'begin' my 'real' life.

I'm hoping that this year I will begin a job as a full time chaplain resident at a local hospital (hopefully at my first choice one!!) We're also putting on hold some things this year, like my ordination, our moving back to GA, and our starting a family. That last one is really not that big a deal I just know that if we lived in GA next year we would definitely be trying to start a family. Now it seems like it's going to be a long time until those things happen, when in actuality it's just one more year. I just hate feeling like my life is on hold. But this year is going to be pretty awesome too! for the first time ever I will be out of school!

Though the internships that i'll be doing will require a good amount of reading, writing and 'class' with my fellow interns. it will be like easing into the shallow end of the real world instead of jumping off the diving board, but i'm ok with that!

Well our new year is off to a good start, Audie got off work early today because things were so slow, so we spent the afternoon cleaning up around here. We have two friends coming over for a dinner and a movie/game night. It should be awesome for sure, though i wish other friends were able to come, though they are all either out of town or they didn't want to drive to NC for a dinner party (not that i can blame them!)

Ok that's all for now! Enjoy the new year and the new decade.