Friday, January 29, 2010

let it snow!

We have a forecast for 1-6 inches of snow for this weekend, it's supposed to start tonight around 7, hopefully after Audie gets home from work. I am off on Fridays from classes so I was going to do a ton of homework today. I realized last night that in my sleepy haze i forgot to print the articles i need to read today. SO this morning i braved the 30 degree weather (not quite that bad, but it was cold, i wore my new red coat from target!) to go to the library to print out my stuff. Got that all done and figured that i should go on to the grocery store and get gas in my car.

Audie and i grocery shop nearly every weekend, but we only buy what we specifically need to cook that week. This works to keep our bill lower and we don't have a ton of random stuff in the cabinets (well not as much). but we normally shop on sunday afternoons, and apparently it's going to be bad this weekend, so I went ahead and bought our normal list. I will point out that i did not buy any extra 'snow food' like extra bread or milk. (though both of those things were on my list, and were getting low on the shelves.) except for hot chocolate! you can't have a snow day without hot chocolate!

So i'm really hoping that the snow lasts until monday to give us a snow day, but it's supposed to get above freezing and be sunny on monday so it will probably melt before tuesday. People about 2 hours north west of us are supposed to get 15 inches, lucky devils, but we won't get that much. the last time it snowed, a few weeks ago, we were forecast to have 1-3 inches and it all melted before we woke up! i'm just hoping i at least get to see some snow this time!

Ok i need to go get on that reading for next week's classes! i hope you all have good snow days too!!



Anonymous said...

Can you explain to me what the heck people plan to do with bread and milk if they get stuck inside for days on end? You can't make a meal out of those two things alone. Also, they are two of the most highly perishable foods ever. They'll still go bad even if it's cold outside!

Abbey @ Practically Perfect said...

Have fun with your snow day! Dad called me today and they raised the snow forecast from 1"-6" to 6"-12"!!! Just know that we'll be warm and toasty down here in GA. Well, I'll be cold since I think anything under 70 is cold...ha!

Julia said...

yeah i'm not sure, maybe they have cheese or pb&j already, to go with their bread and milk? I mean i think canned soup or somethign would be a better bet in a snow storm, though the best thing with canned soup is a grilled cheese!

I'm really excited about the snow, and if we get 12 inches i'll be really surprised but we are like right on the line (on the weather maps) where there is more snow right north of us, and then less snow just south of us, so i guess we'll have to see, and i'll keep everyone updated!