Monday, January 4, 2010

just another (not so) Manic Monday!

Ok so my life right now is pretty much one day like the next for now. This weekend Audie worked on Saturday to make up for his sick day he took on Tuesday. Which means that his paycheck won't suffer by taking that day off as much. but he wound up only working half a day, which doesn't help the paycheck as much, but it is nice that he didn't have to work all day!

I did some laundry this weekend, we had some friends over for dinner on Friday night, and we watched a movie with them. I also finally took my winter clothes out to be sorted and pack up my fall clothes. If I had a million dollars one of the things i would do is get a large enough closet to never have to do this! I HATE going through my winter clothes and putting away my short sleeve stuff, because weather is such a finicky thing that it never stays cold or hot for long. So i haven't needed heavy sweaters just yet this year, but I also don't think that days where i can wear a short sleeve + cardigan are gone for the year either! does anyone else hate this chore? i put it off every year until I can't stand it anymore.

In other news: Audie and I went out for a free date (don't get too excited) on Saturday night. I was getting a bit stir crazy from not getting out of the house except for to go to the UPS shipping office (story for later!!) So we went to Target and just window shopped, didn't cost a dime, but i got to look around which helped me not go crazy! And then we took a Chic-fil-a gift card and two coupons and got dinner to go, it was awesome to eat out (we've been staying in to save money after the holidays) and not spend any cash.

so today i have to trek to the UPS shipping office again. It's a really long story but basically UPS tried to deliver a package to us on the 24th, and then didn't try again. finally Thursday we called and asked them to just hold it at the shipping office until we came and picked it up. Well Thursday I went over there, only to realize that they were closed for New Year's Eve. I talked to a man there and he said it was basically impossible for them to find my box while i waited. But i could come back on Monday. Well i got a phone call today (at the butt crack of dawn) and they told me that they had located my box and it was all ready for me to come and get it. Thank you very much! (not really!) thanks for nothing!

ok now that my frustrations are aired I can enjoy my day of doing very little, and will be going to the UPS place again to finally finish receiving all my christmas gifts!

Hope your monday is going well!!


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