Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unfriending people

Ok guys i had to unfriend someone on facebook! i don't think that person reads my blog, so i'm going to vent here if that's ok.

Let me just say that i'm a total weinny when it comes to insulting people on facebook. If i get offended by someone on FB i just get angry in real life and vent to audie. Well last night this guy pissed me off for the like third time, and i was complaining to audie about it. He told me to man up and just defriend him because everything that this guy says pisses me off and them i'm mad for days but never do anything about it.

So this morning i defriended him!! it was very nerve wracking, because this guy is a friend of my mom's back home and i was afraid that he'll be mad and tell her. I know, I know i need to not get too worked up about what other people think of me, but i do worry about that, so i was worried. But i decided that i need to be strong and to maintain my sanity rather than dealing with my anger over his posts all day.

So what did he do to piss me off, so that you don't do them, for fear of not being defriended??

Well first off he's always making snide comments about the Obama administration. NOW i'm all for you disagreeing with the government, and i don't agree with everything that the Pres. has done, AND i realize that he is a sore loser (the guy, not the pres.) and he's just still mad that his person didn't win. I just think that at this point you need to get over it! if you didn't want Obama to win, fine! but he did and you can't just get livid over EVERY thing that he does, because it can't ALL be bad!! That is just frustrating to me when people are babies about everything. AND if you have a real like political reason for opposing healthcare or whatever then we can talk about it, but Facebook is NOT the forum for that! because people don't care that much on Facebook, FYI! especially not me, it gets you defriended.

Second, a few weeks ago when we had all that snow, i complained on FB about how Duke did not give us a day off, or a delay of any kind while literally EVERY school in the tri-county area got at least a delay, and some got three (THREE!!) snow days in a row. and he commented "well that's what happens in the real world" Then this week i said something about hating school, and he said "I wish i were back in school." OK so i know that being in school is not the same as being a 'full fledged adult' but graduate school is not the same as say, elementary school where your mom gets you all ready and reminds you to do your one page of homework and lays out your clothes the night before. Grad school means that you read 500-1000 pages a week, write papers and midterms at least every other week (including, my former friend, a 30 page midterm coming up in a few weeks, that you may certainly do for me if you like) that keep you up to midnight or later every night. All while stressing about job choices, graduation, working around the house to make sure that we both have clean clothes to wear and food to eat. Now i know that you guys out there with kids and 'real world' folks have hard days too! i KNOW you do though and i don't go around telling you guys to man up! I'm sorry but this is my pet peeve! because seriously if you (i.e. the people who say that they want to be in school) want to trade places by all means come on, because you certainly can. I realize that you envision my school to be like college where you party all the time and still make A's, but that's not what it is like OK! I get stress headaches and actually had to go to the dr. last semester because i was so stressed that i had stomach aches, chills and elevated heart rates. that's why you aren't my friend anymore, because you caught me on a bad week, and just hit the wrong/right buttons!!!!

ok now that i have that off my chest, i hope you (and i) have a great day!! and i hope you have the guts to tell people how you really feel, i obviously don't because i just de-friended him without telling him all that! (though maybe he reads the blog, we'll see)



danielle s said...

dont you stress about "de-friending" people. in the past 2 months i have probably (NO EXAGERATION) defriended 200 people. maybe 300. i was like - you aren't my friend- X. i dont reallly know you- X. i talked to you one time in life- X. so yeah.... i fully support defriending people!

Julia said...

ok good, i'm also glad i survived your purge of friends!!

Abbey @ Practically Perfect said...

Yeah, I agree, you don't have to be friends with someone because they're a friend-of-a-friend. Especially if they just make you mad! Audie is probably cheering your decision, right?

Julia said...

he is, He's proud that i had the guts to do it and that i'll stop complaining every time this guy posts something!

Sarah McGiverin said...

Just wanted to support you that grad school is real work - I remember talking with a pastor when I was in seminary - and we all know how pulled in every direction and working every day of the week pastors can be, and he said that when he had nightmares, they were nightmares about being back in seminary! And he had graduated some decades before!
But in any case, it just isn't "friend"ly to be making snide comments on Facebook. Most people wouldn't be that abusive in person. And if they would, you *really* don't want them for a friend. Congrats on having the courage to de-friend this bully!