Friday, February 19, 2010

last few days

We've been up to both lots and nothing at the same time. It feels like i've been working like crazy, but getting very little done, does that make sense?

I had a paper due yesterday morning, so Wednesday i wound up staying home from class (because i'm a slacker) to work on it and other work. I spent the day sort of working on the paper, and eating really weird. ( like i didn't eat lunch, just some cereal in the AM and then some microwave popcorn in the afternoon) and by the time Audie was on his way home i was beginning to get pretty stressed about not getting things done, and my head was hurting pretty bad. I had a Skullcrusher ( of Katie Fame) and nothing was helping. When Audie called to say he was on his way home, i lost it, i mean full toddler tantrum meltdown, tears and all. I didn't have the energy to cook dinner, and didn't want us to go out because we had the last two nights, and nothing was good enough, basically. SO Audie was like, calm down, i'm on my way and i'll cook dinner (i know, i have an awesome husband). He came home, made me lay down in a dark room while he cooked us chicken fettuccine alfredo, garlic bread and a salad. After i ate dinner, i felt 20 times better! I think i really had a sugar crash at exactly the wrong time.

That night i finished up my paper at midnight, an early night as far as paper writing goes, and then had class all day yesterday. Last night Audie picked up our new TV. It's awesome, a flat LCD screen, HD stuff and all. Loving it!! We set it all up and enjoyed some tv last night, grey's anatomy and Survivor! both were awesome!!

ok got to get back to a LONG to-do list for this week so that i can go on my weekend with Audie to the Biltmore without taking homework with me! i have to preach on Tuesday for my class, and have a big paper due the next tuesday, so i'll be doing a good amount of reading/writing/preaching this week to get it all ready!!

-hope you have a great weekend!



Abbey @ Practically Perfect said...

Have you seen Julie & Julia? If not, you should--it's great. But anyway, there's this part where Julie has a meltdown and it's just TOO funny and that's what I pictured in my head while I was reading.

I think we all have big-time meltdowns once in a while. I remember pretty soon after we got married I had to tell Shane that sometimes I'm gonna cry because I'm a girl and there's nothing for him to do but let me cry. I don't think he understood it then (or understands it now, either) but he's learned to deal with it!

Julia said...

No i haven't seen that movie, i really wanted to but it never happened for some reason, but i'm sure my meltdown was similar.
After i ate i perked right back up, i told audie that he just needs to keep me fed to keep me happy! Next time i'm feeling like that i'll have to just take a second and evaluate if i am hungry, tired, hot or cold, like when you do with a baby!

Amber said...

Derek has seen more of those toddler tantrums from me than I care to admit.

P.S. I'm proud of that hyperlink you technologically advanced lady!