Sunday, July 17, 2011

long but wonderful week

So i know it's been a week since my last post, sorry guys!! I've had a few things going on at work. I'm missing my hubby pretty bad, we've skyped some and that has helped but it still sucks being so far away from him for so long!! I've been working hard on getting stuff ready for work and trying to stay busy on my days off so I don't miss him too much.

This past weekend I went to LaGrange to see my BFF Amber and to go see Harry Potter, oh wow was it amazing!! We had such a good time hanging out all day long and just catching up. Saturday I went to a family reunion with my mom, stepdad, and grandparents. BIG fun!! well i mean i didn't know anyone there and there were lots of strange dishes on the buffet line, but over all it wasn't too bad.

Well I'm starting a new week at work today and got a lot on my plate to do! so hopefully i'll blog some this week, but i'm not counting to much on it.

Tomorrow I'm having dinner with my dad 'cause he's in athens for a training thing with his job so that should be nice and fun.

Other than that I don't have any big plans for this week. I'm hoping to get plenty of rest on my days off and get some stuff done with week at work. we shall see.



Friday, July 8, 2011

two days off

The last few days have been really awesome. I have had them off of work and that's been great! Yesterday a friend of mine and I went apartment hunting. It was a really long day but really fun. I went and saw five different places, out of a list of 11. So 6 didn't make the cut at all. Of the five that i saw only 2 were real possibilities and one was way cheaper than the other one and was right down the street from where I work. So i think it was pretty much a no brainer.

Today I went and found the Target and bought a bag on sale! it's red so it'll match both brown and black outfits and it's big enough to carry my computer to work and back. I also stopped by the new apartment office to get our application in and got the lease agreement all settled. We'll officially move from NC on August 20th!! Audie will stay in NC for another week or two and then come down straight to our new apartment. I'm so excited!! it seems like such a long way away but it is really just around the corner.

Tomorrow I'm going to spend the day with my mom and stepdad! They are coming up here for a horseshoe tournament and my mom wants to see our new place and we'll hang out watching Marcus pitch horseshoes.

that's all for now!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a week!

I love that my week is over now!! I only work 3/4 time at the church so I only work Sunday through Wednesday, which means my week is over!! I was super productive on my two day work week, getting everything done on my weeks to-do list and quite a few done on my monthly to-do list. Not bad for my first week. I'm not going to go into crazy detail of everything that I did 'cause that would be super boring, but one crazy thing did happen, i broke my filing cabinet!!!

So I was going through all the stuff that was left behind when my predecessor left and part of that was unlocking the filing cabinet and going through the files that she left. So I open up the bottom drawer, which was super hard to get open and then I couldn't close it!!! I'm not sure why except that it wouldn't close for anything! So i thought maybe i needed to unlock it again or something (not sure why) but I then locked the cabinet and now it won't unlock!!!!! SO now I have a filing cabinet that is unusable because the bottom drawer won't close and the other three won't open!! The facilities director is going to work on it tomorrow and hopefully get it all settled.

Well it definitely added some laughter to my day that's for sure.

Also tomorrow is going to be a super fun day because I'm going apartment hunting!! My good friend Jessica is going to come over and we're going to go look for apartments all over athens. We'll see if we find anything that is worth living in.

Hope you have had a good week too even though yours isn't over yet probably.


Monday, July 4, 2011

the fourth

So my first weekend in GA was pretty awesome. Saturday we went to the fourth of July festival in my temporary little small town with Audie's cousin and her kids. then we went to Audie's cousin's husband's mom's house (you follow?) for lunch and hanging out. We did peach icecream for desert and it was AWESOME!! then yesterday was my first sunday at my new church.

I went to all three services so that I could be introduced. I did the children's moments at the 11 service and besides my microphone going out i think it went fine. the volunteers were so nice and helpful to me on my first day. After church i went home, got a name after some lunch and then drove to Atlanta to see some of my best friends!! We had dinner together at one friend's house and then walked to the fireworks celebration that her community does. It was hot and sticky, but really fun to see them all again.

after the fireworks and stuff i went to my in-laws that live like just 9 miles away from her and spent the night. Today on the plan is to just hang out and grill a little bit. overall a great weekend plan in my book. Now I just have to figure out what to do this week at work in my two days that I have to go in.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Big day yesterday

So yesterday was an uber productive but lazy day, i love those!! I mean what is better than getting stuff done, but also not spending all day doing it. I got up yesterday and worked on all the information that I had gotten the day before at work. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the information and I had pages and pages of scatterbrained notes. Not to knock the lady that trained me, but our brains just don't work on the same wavelength in organizational ways. So I took a lot of notes and paid close attention but it was pretty overwhelming to sit there and just get a crash course in the Children's Ministry in one day.

SO yesterday I took the three page long 'job description' which was really a long bulleted list of stuff that you do on a regular basis and I reorganized it so that it made more sense to my brain. I put headings and subheadings, made sure that the bullets matched (very important to me) and shifted things around to make sure that it was in some sense of order. I then went in and added the information I needed to from my notes and rememberings from the day before. It was good to get all that on paper while I was thinking about it.

Next I made a list of all the places that I still need volunteers for. There are still some slots open for Sunday School teachers and volunteer positions for so many other things. My plan was to have small job descriptions on what that person would need to do and the time commitment so that when I'm introduced to people on Sunday and they say, "Let me know if I can help!" I can say, "Wonderful, thanks so much for volunteering, what can I put you down for as a possibility right now!" Hopefully we'll fill those slots right up!

I also made myself a weekly and monthly to-do list. I'm hoping that this will keep me on-track to finish stuff up and get going on stuff. Basically I typed up all the stuff that I have to do every week/month and each week/month I will print it out and add to it what I need to do that week/month as well. Then as I do things I get the reward of crossing it off the list!! I love doing that.

Also done yesterday: Laundry and grocery shopping with my cousin. We went to Trader Joe's, my first time. I'm really excited to go back though! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening hanging out with the cousin's two daughters one of whom is home for the fourth.

OK that was the longest post ever! sorry for the boring details, but i was really productive yesterday as you can see!