Monday, July 4, 2011

the fourth

So my first weekend in GA was pretty awesome. Saturday we went to the fourth of July festival in my temporary little small town with Audie's cousin and her kids. then we went to Audie's cousin's husband's mom's house (you follow?) for lunch and hanging out. We did peach icecream for desert and it was AWESOME!! then yesterday was my first sunday at my new church.

I went to all three services so that I could be introduced. I did the children's moments at the 11 service and besides my microphone going out i think it went fine. the volunteers were so nice and helpful to me on my first day. After church i went home, got a name after some lunch and then drove to Atlanta to see some of my best friends!! We had dinner together at one friend's house and then walked to the fireworks celebration that her community does. It was hot and sticky, but really fun to see them all again.

after the fireworks and stuff i went to my in-laws that live like just 9 miles away from her and spent the night. Today on the plan is to just hang out and grill a little bit. overall a great weekend plan in my book. Now I just have to figure out what to do this week at work in my two days that I have to go in.


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