Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I hate waiting! I'm the most impatient person ever really and I have to wait for a lot of stuff this week. Mostly since I mailed off a box to someone I have to wait for it to get to them. AND I have to wait for my friends amber to get here for the weekend! AND I have a unsettled feeling because I'm spending a lot of time waiting on my job to start!

I feel like for the last few years I have been waiting for my life to start, and now that i have graduated i thought it would be now, but It still feels like i'm waiting!!! ugh that's not fun. Fortunately (or unfortunately) i have little to do to occupy that time while i'm waiting. I'm trying to find projects to do.( like my chair, my sewing fun stuff) Now I'm working on a t-shirt quilt/blanket.

ANY TIPS?? I have already cut out squares of fabric and am sewing them together but you fellow crafters do you have any idea what other things I should look out for. I'm hoping to make a little quilt for a friend that is having a baby soon and some other fun stuff for my sister who is preggers also this summer. Well see if I have the patience to wait for the next craft to be able to be done (i.e. us to have the money to buy the supplies) the Patience to work with my old and busted machine that is mean to me sometimes, and the patience to wait for others to get the gifts!!

Hope you get whatever it is that you are waiting on!!


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