Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lazy but fun day!

I had a good day of catching up on my dvr'd shows from last week, the problem now is that as I watch them, I also had the episode from this week. So I can watch last weeks show and then I don't even have to wait for the next week, 'cause i have it right there!! I also went and got a new video game (Lego Harry Potter 1-4) I'm a fan of all the Lego video games and so far i like this one too.

I also finished another sewing project today! There are no pictures again, because it didn't really go well with being photographed. I once had a pair of capris that I LOVED and wore them everywhere. I think that everyone had a pair of them a few years ago, they were the ones that looked like they were just jeans rolled up a bit. Well recently mine got a HUGE hole in them, in a not good spot (hence no photos of the 'before') but i decided to transform some jeans that i had into an identical set.

SO i just turned up the legs of the jeans 6 inches, and hand sewed them around the edge so that they were capris. Not too exciting, and again no pictures which makes it not too exciting for you guys, 'cause you don't even get to wear them or anything, like me!!

Ok that was my whole day, i know I'm really exciting.


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