Monday, August 18, 2008

What a weekend!!

Ok so i sort of posted on Saturday, but Sunday was an awesome day, but i was WAY too tired to do any posting last night.  

so yesterday morning Amber, Derek and I all went to church.  SO great to see friend i haven't seen in a long time!  i loved seeing all the church people i haven't seen since i graduated a year ago.  we'll forget that Alvin forgot my name has changed!  ( actually it's not a huge deal i barely noticed, but then i was like, wait that's not my name)  It's funny how long it takes to recognize your new last name but then when someone calls you the 'wrong' name it registers quickly.  but most of the time it's not a huge deal.  

That reminds me of a story and i'll tell it to you 'cause that is what this blog is about anyway-  So on Audie's and my honeymoon we decide to save the much needed money by shopping for sandwich stuff, chips and soda to keep in our hotel room and to make lunch everyday and just eat out at dinner each night.  So the first afternoon we were there (married less than 24 hours) we go to a super Target to buy the groceries.  Well we are walking up and down the aisles and he gets slightly ahead of me down an aisle with a stock boy on it.  So i am talking to him, saying i wonder where the such and such is or whatever.   And the stock boy turns to me and is like "excuse me ma'am were you talking to me?"   and i just as naturally as can be said, " no i'm talking to my husband, thanks though" -  ACK so natural like we had been married for like 20 years and were just shopping at the supermarket for the weeks groceries!  so funny how quickly i switched over, but then i still slip up and call him my 'boyfriend' sometimes now!  haha 

ok so that was a side note, yesterday afternoon Jessica and I threw Amber a lingerie shower.  SO MUCH FUN!!  we played games we talked about sex, we talked about fun girly stuff and had some good food and really good cocktails.  and Amber got the cutest lingerie, and some things that she really will wear which is nice too.  

THEN amber and derek and i went to the movies to see Stepbrothers,  it was extremely funny - i laughed like the whole time even though it was mostly inappropriate humor!  really fun!!  

So best day for sure!  after the movie amber and i wound up falling asleep at like 11  like old ladies or something- but we had a long day so it was ok 

so see you later- Julia 

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Blair Tolbert said...

Welcome to the old ladies clud. The girls and I fall asleep at 11, too. But we get up earlier these days. It equals out in the end.

Have fun with the wedding festivities. And good luck with that second year. I start classes Monday, taking 15 hours and working two jobs. Should be interesting.