Sunday, August 31, 2008

sorry i'm a bad blogger!!

so i told you things may slow down after school started back but i didn't even realize how much!! school hasn't actually been all the stressful yet, though i think i have read about 1000 pages this week in prep for next week! but the DNC was occupying lots of my time, and rightly so because it was awesome to see history in the making!!

so i guess i should reveal i am an Obama fan!! my closest firends and family know that but i feel like i should tell you that up front! i'm not a totally extremeist about it but it does irritate me when people tell stupid lies aobut him because they dont' want to vote for him. i mean if you don't want to vote for him becasue you think he's wrong about the country needed change, or because you disagree that he has enough experience or something else policy wise. but i HATE it when people make political decisions based on thier ill concieved notions that he somehow is goingto be bad at the job of president because he is bi-racial ( not 'black' or african american even- his father was from kenya, but he was raised by his very White midwestern single mom and grandparents!!- you can't get any whiter than Kansas!!) Anyway i think it is just as stupid as people believing that Hilary would be a bad political leader 'casue she has a uterus!!

ok sorry for the rant and raving about it, but it does iritate me, 'cause this is 2008 people. get with the fact that all people are created equal!!

so then i had a great weekend babysitting for two cute little girls!! and i am about to go there again and so it soon after i make dinner for me and hubby i get to go spend the night putting other people's kids to bed!!


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