Monday, September 29, 2008

wow what a week!

so you can all punish me for being a bad blogger by commenting on how much you missed the random updates on my life, just kidding i know ya'll probably didn't miss me all that much. i really wish that i could say that i didn't blog this week becasue i was really super busy, or that we went on a surprise Vacation, or somthing. but that would be a lie, and as the 10 commandments tell us, that is BAD! so i'll just chalk it up to laziness!

i really did very little this past week, including school work. i had a few reading assignments to do, but this past week was really the calm before the storm of midterms, which are in two weeks, but after that i have 'fall break'. i put that in quotes 'cause it's not actually called fall break, it's actually called fall reading period- and they mean that 'cause i will probably spend the five days off reading/ writing my big Methodism paper! but on the weekends that is a different story!

the first weekend audie and i are going camping! (go ahead and giggle at the prospect of me being in the woods) but our sunday school class at church is going to a state park in the area and doing the campground thing. I told audie that i felt like i wanted to go, so we're going. it's only going to be like four couples for two nights but i think it will be fun! hopefully there wont' be any real animals or anything, and i know we'll have some good food, can you say smores!!

then the second weekend i'm really considering going to LC's homecoming. the alumni functions are always so cheesy, but i have the weekend free, so why not go down and spend some time with the BFFs although Jessica is being a dork and saying she is busy, i don't really believe her, so amber and i might kidnap her and force her to go to our slumber party!

well lots of love to all of you out there, i hope you're still reading!



Jessica said...

hey missy! would you like me to send the google calendar that only has 5 different things to go to that day--and might i mention, half of them are in different cities--except lagrange ins't one of them.

but i love you too meany head!

Julia said...

that's exactly what a person would say if they were lieing about having things to do! You are obviously avoiding me and didn't want to see me if i come to GA.

Anonymous said...

why are we not the most important people in your life? seriously, who else matters?

get your butt to the LG! we are having a fabulous (note the sarcasm) southern rock musician for homecoming concert so why would you want to miss that?