Monday, September 15, 2008

busy weekend

So i had a great weekend! Wedding dress shopping was SO fun, but i had forgotten how exhausting it is! as far as i know she still doesn't have a dress but i will keep you updated! She tried on like a zillion, and all of them looked great, many of them were perfect, and i think there is a front-runner, it's just not bought yet.

I had a paper due at noon today so i spent most of Sunday writing. i mean i did take some time to procrastinate a bit and read Harry Potter, or play video games, etc. but i got finished last night around midnight, which isn't an incredibly late night for me. then this morning i was able to wake up a bit earlier and edit and print it. and then start reading for my class this afternoon. I think i will be pretty behind on my reading this week, but that's ok. it's not impossible to catch up, i'll just have to prioritize on what is most important.

Speaking of reading i need to get back to it, but i thought i would utilize one of my last opportunities to blog for a few days.

by the way Survivor- my most all time favorite show begins this week!!! so excited about survivor Ghana, i will be blogging about it for sure!

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Anonymous said...

I thought Survivor didn't start until next week. The same night as Grey's? Either way it's soon and I'm excited!!