Thursday, September 11, 2008

AAH!! My life is crazy!

SO hi everyone, remember me?? probably not because i never Blog!! i know i know i stink and this, but hopefully you all know me and love me anyway! so sorry i haven't blogged since monday, but things are busy 'round here.

so yesterday was my b-day, and it was totally the best one yet!! i got great gifts from Audie right after i woke up!! and then that night i had great dinner at cheesecake factory with my bestest friends from seminary!! so i was a bit busy 'kay.

Audie's job is awesome! he loves it, he is in the midst of being trained so he has a girl that helps him handle all of his calls still. it can be monotonous, but i think he'll like it. AND he gets paid soon which is awesome!

we're going to be in ATL this weekend!! because audie's car has to be inspected before he can get a new tag, but that does mean that we get to celebrate new jobs and birthdays with his family.

also today i got an amazing birthday present for myself. I will introduce you to two fo my new loves!! number one is ok so it is kindof like a classifields website, you can find jobs, you can list things you are selling/ giving away, and you can post personal ads. I'm not terribly interested in most of it, but there are some cool things there so check it out. anyway, i have been looking casually for a cheap but cute/ good dining room table and chairs. and the other day i found a great one on craigslist for $175. you can't bet that. My friends and i went and got it today!! it looks A-mazing!! all it really needed was a good scrubbing, which brings me to fav. number 2

the mr. clean magic eraser! i am in LOVE! i'm not a total neat freak, but my table and chairs have white painted legs and chair backs, and natural colored wood table top and chair seats, so they have a few smuges on them. i got a (target brand) magic eraser and they just wiped off!! awesome! i'm going to have to sam's club them and add them to my cleaning supply bucket! (that rarely gets used- especially when i am in school)

so i know this was a scatter brained post, but my life is kind of upside down right now. Good, but busy.


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