Friday, January 28, 2011

job searching

SO i officially applied for 12 jobs in the last two days. All of them are in GA close to family and friends!!! I've heard back from some of them already, and most of it has been positive, we'll see what happens, but in the mean time, please think good thoughts about my job search!!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

at work

so i'm at work now, not a very stressful day today. i'm hoping to work some on my resume so that soon i can start looking for jobs, eekk!! but i wanted to give ya'll a quick update. first off my glasses came in and they look great!! i was really pleased with how they came out and really really pleased that i only spent 20 bucks on them!!

not much else is going on, we're getting together with some friends of ours this weekend to go see the king's speech, we'll see if it's any good. i'm hoping that it will be.

Other than that there is not much going on around here!! sorry my blog is so boring all the time, maybe as i apply for jobs it will get better!


Monday, January 10, 2011

new contacts and glasses!

So about two weeks ago i went to the eye doctor for the first time in a long time! i wear contacts 99% of the time and NEVER wear my glasses (which are from about 3 or 4 prescriptions ago anyway) even though i like the way they look a lot. So when i went to the dr. I ordered 110 bucks worth of contacts (ouch!!) on top of the cost of the visit which was like 69 dollars. So i decided not to get glasses because they would add to my cost as well as never get used.

WELL that was before i found out about Zenni Optical. It's an online store with really cheap glasses. you just get your prescription from your dr. and then find some frames you like online and plug in your prescription when you check out. My grand total for normal glasses, though they have all kinds, was only 20 dollars!!! so exciting!!! I'm hoping that i like them a lot, but if i don't it's only 20 dollars down the drain, not too bad. Maybe I'll like them enough to wear my glasses at least sometimes. we'll see.

just passing along my deal finding skills, and a special thanks to Clark Howard for the tip, he's the real expert!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

thanks to my new faster internet!!

I can now blog at work!! I don't actually have much to say except for that i can now give small updates throughout the day if i could talk about work, which i can't. ANyway, hope you're having a great friday. I know i am!! I'm looking forward to this weekend, not because we're going or doing anything special, but it's the first weekend that i have had in a while to not worry about commissioning paperwork!

what are my plans for the weekend you ask? Not much, really just clean our whole house because next weekend my mom and stepdad are coming! they are going to bring us a new couch, well new to us.

well that's all for now,

have a great Friday!


Thursday, January 6, 2011


So we've been having some IT issues at work, our computer crashed in our office and i've been on the phone with IT like three days in a row. but that's ok because usually we use our laptops for our work. BUT our internet connection at work is awful. well while i was on the phone with IT i mentioned our slow internet and the guy told me that there actually were two internet connections for the hospital and we were all using the wrong one!!! it is really nice having a quick internet connection at work!!!

that's the excitement for today, it doesn't take much to make my day exciting i guess.


Monday, January 3, 2011


Two hundred and fifty posts! yay for me, also a celebration is in order because i sent off my commissioning papers!!!! audie and i are going out tonight to celebrate too, which is really exciting!!

that's all the update for now, but say a prayer of thanksgiving and hope for my papers please. Three months of work over and done with and now i just have to think and worry about interviews in March!