Friday, February 25, 2011

thirty minutes

i'm trying to will time to go faster by posting, but i still have 30 minutes until i can go home. I'm still excited about spending the whole day at IKEA tomorrow and have been looking online all week to keep me motivated to stay at work. I'm ready to go and look around and we might even buy a few things, we'll see about that. it's a whole 3 hour trip from home to IKEA but it will be worth the time spent in the car, though i might need to bring a book to read or something.

Other than all that there's not much going on around here. i've been at work all week and so has audie. Next weekend i'll be in GA for my interview so that's exciting/ scary as all get out! Here's hoping that it goes ok though, i'm pretty sure it'll be fine, though i am nervous about the interview.

that's all for now, happy friday everyone!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

what's getting me through the week:

Audie promised to take me to IKEA this weekend, a whole day in disneyland for adults!!! I'm so excited that not even the most boring day/ week ever can ruin my mood!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


As has become my habit, Friday afternoons are really boring around here at work, though i have a meeting at 3:30 that should help pass the time, and after that i get to go home so that's nice too. So what has been going on you ask? well i heard back from a few jobs that they weren't interested in me (or they hired someone else) and heard back from one that wants to interview me!

I'm about two weeks away from being in GA for my interview. I'm leaving on a Friday night and coming back Tuesday night after my interview. I'm so ready/excited to see my family for the weekend and not have to go to work for two days!!

What's on the plan for this weekend?? not much. I have to do laundry and we're planning a trip to go to BJ's for some fun. We probably won't buy anything or not much (hard to do in the fun store that is Bj's) but i haven't been in a while and want to go look and see what they have changed around recently.

thanks for listening to my boring life,


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Got an interview!!

So i heard the unofficial word a few weeks ago, but I officially heard back from the Board of Ordained Ministry for my conference. And i got an interview!! YAY!! very excited about this, and scared because of how important it is. three 30 minute interviews to make sure that I'm worth being ordained in the conference. I'm hoping so.

Anyway just wanted to share the good news with those of you out there in blog land. Hope you have had a good week too, and have a great weekend!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

bored at work

so it's finally friday afternoon and it is dragging by!!! Why is it that time stands still when you want it to speed up and speeds up when you want to savor it?? So do we have big plans for this weekend? not really but two days without work is always nice. What have I been up to in the last week? well i've applied for more jobs, 15 in total, one of which i found out has been filled already today, not good. but there are still 14 jobs still out there that are in close proximity to my friends and family that I'm hoping to get one of.

We went and saw the king's speech last weekend, it was wonderful!!! so good that it totally deserved all the oscar nominations that it got! usually i hate oscar movies, because they are so over my head or whatever and this was so good, and funny too. We're hoping to get together with our friends for the superbowl this weekend, but it may not happen.

I've been working all week and it has been a pretty busy week, but not too busy which is nice, mostly just boring work!!

ok that's all i have for now, still another hour and 15 minutes until i can go home, boo!! but hopefully it will go by pretty fast, maybe if i say to myself over and over again how i don't want to go home it will speed up time, kind of reverse psychology on the clock you know. we'll see how well that works out.