Monday, March 2, 2009

It official

i just got an email from the dean of students of Duke university, the registrar of the div school and the president of Duke U. the first two were confirming that we were having a snow day and that all classes were canceled. Also there is officially less snow on the ground at my house than there was for the whole week in January. Audie went into work two hours later than normal- he had to wait until his door was unfrozen.

SO i am: reading for classes, possibly writing a paper for Wed. or at least starting it, staying in my pjs and eating chewy dips (these are those Chewy granola bars that are covered in Chocolate!!!)

yeah audie and i bought a box of 30 on Friday at Sam's, and i refuse to tell you how many are left in the house- but if anyone has seen a chocolate thief with a ton of chocolate granola bar wrappers let me know!


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