Thursday, April 30, 2009


20 minutes ago i submitted my last final! and a full ten minutes before the deadline! i was done at 9:30 but i had a friend proofread it with some fresh eyes- really good idea since the paper was for 50% of my grade! so i'm off to bed, then going to spend my first day off babysitting for the sweetest girl in the world!! then my two great friends meridith and sarah and i are all having a slumber party at sarah's- no husbands! then on friday will be the whole day spent by the pool, until we leave to shower and get changed and go to a Durham bulls game!! it's going to be a great summer, including some awesome reading, though Not one of you gave me any suggestions! it's ok we're still friends, but throw me a bone here- give me some suggestions for any good book you have read in your entire life that you think i should read!

ok bed is calling!

lots of love from officially a senior (third and final year) in Divinity school!


Friday, April 24, 2009

halfway there!

Ok so i have completed two of my finals!! two papers down and a test and a huge paper left to go!

So i have completed two papers that equaled 17 pages and have done my portion of the study guide for my test on Monday. Tomorrow afternoon my study group is going to combine all our portions and discuss and study together, and i'll continue studying on my own Sunday evening and monday morning prior to the test at 1:30

After my test i'm going to start writing that massive ethics paper- 6000-8000 words (18-22 pgs) on an ethical issue. sigh- this is going to suck bad!! but Sunday shall be spent outlining paper and gathering sources, then after my test Monday- around 4:30 i will begin writing! hopefully it will all be done by Wednesday at dinner, though it isn't technically due until midnight. I will be writing until it is done though!!

And then Thursday is going to be spent in my PJS!!!! first day of summer break!!!! I'm going to read as much pleasure reading this summer as i can- And i'm taking suggestions- any book you think i should read leave in the comments! I already have several in mind, but any book will do! Also i plan on spending Friday poolside with my two best seminary friends - don't worry i'll have plenty of SPF. And in a few weeks we have planned a road trip of GA to show off my home state to the two of them!

Then i'll start my summer internship, go to AL with my whole extended family, finish the internship, have a few weeks off, and then school starts back- the last year here!!

ok so i went on a jaunt through my summer plans, but really i still have to write that paper, and study for this test!!!

but what am I doing for the evening?? Red Robin (awesome restaurant) for dinner- thick cut steak fries, an awesome burger- with onion straws, A1 and bleu cheese on it!!, and a strawberry lemonade -real strawberries!!! totally my fav. stress food- carbs, red meat and a pink drink! then a movie on the couch with popcorn with the hubby! loving it! i need a night off after all the study prep, and writing I have done this week to give me a surge of energy for the next half!!

love to all- sorry i have fallen off the face of the planet- finals are killer!!

PLEASE suggest books for my summer reading- hell suggest a million of them- i'm a fast reader and i'll have all summer!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


so the last post with this title was a relaxed sigh of relief. This one is a scream of stress! So now i am totally into my finals! i have three papers due and one test to take. I have done nothing so far and i need some major encouragement!! it will all get done, but will my sanity last that long? that is the real question!

in other news: there is no other news, my life is school, everything else is on the back burner! my house is a mess, i have barely cooked dinner in the last few weeks, and laundry is piled up - clean laundry that needs to be hung up (that's my least favorite part)

so from the messy house- have fun for finals week- i know i won't!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009


That wonderful sound is the result of Easter Break! two days off, today and tomorrow! lovely! And all my assignments are in - except for one sermon and finals. This is a glorious time in the semester, my stress is over for at least this week. Then i have my lat class days next week and then reading week and finals week. By may i should be totally done!!

So this week/ weekend is totally free for me! lots of sleeping and watching TV, reading for classes of course, and enjoying my stress free life for the moment. Because reading week is basically me writing a ton!!

I have three classes that instead of a final test. So i have a week to write a 7 pg paper about my theology of preaching, a 10 page paper about the mission of the local church, and a 18 pg paper about an ethical issue of my choice (probably premarital sex and the ethical implications therein) BIG fun i know!! and then i get to turn them all in on top of taking a Methodist polity test!

so now is just the calm before the storm begins! but for now i can say AAHHH nothing due in the next few days, lovely!!

enjoy the weekend! go to church and celebrate the rising of the savior!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Back in NC!

So we're back after an awesome, and tiring weekend with our family, including new miss Madison! She is way too cute, a great baby so far and is really fun to hold!

We spent basically all Friday and Saturday cooing and awwing over her and her every move. I have some awesome pictures and will upload as soon as i can get them all to my computer.

Also Sat. night we left mom, dad and baby and had dinner with James and Jessica!! it was awesome to see my good friends that i haven't seen in so long. Boo on Amber for not making it! -we understand but still had sad faces for the evening 'cause she wasn't there to enjoy it!

so everything here is pretty great! i have 7 more days of classes left, counting today, and then finals and i'll be done for good. Then i just have one internship to complete this summer, and one more year of school. But this time next year we'll be working on moving back to GA!! so excited about that!!

ok that's all i got for now!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here she is!!

so cute- she was born around 3pm, 7 lbs 12 oz. 21 1/2 inches long!! so beautiful!! everyone is happy and healthy! More info/pics will be available for real friends through facebook but i thought i would show off that lovely lady!!

update #2

Ok so Leah has an epidural, and is feeling great. the midwife said that his or her estimation was for a 7 pm ish birth. so excited!! basically all involved (including g-parents to be) are at the hospital and are just playing the waiting game. Waiting for more dialation, waiting for the next exam/check of how things are going.

Side Note: Audie asked his boss and wound up getting Friday off from work, so he and I will leave for GA when he gets home from work about 7 tomorrow night!!! a whole day earlier than expected. we're hoping to jsut hang out with all the family and hold that baby!! definitely doing all we can to pitch in and help- cooking, cleaning, anything!

in other news: i have 3 out of 15 pgs for now. i'm working through one of my classes, and hoping to get it done tonight!! so that i can pack/enjoy my thursday!

love to all


Ok we're back on!

leah texted us this morning at 6:45 they are back at the hospital and were at four centimeters, She got the epidural and is just at the hospital waiting for things to start happening.

I am at school all day- going to class, working on the paper, registering for next semester. I don't know how informed i will be through out the day, but i will def. post when i know something- if only just to take a small study break!

love to all-